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About us, American Vision Windows

About us, American Vision Windows About us, American Vision Windows
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About Us

American Vision Windows About

Our Mission Statement:
"Revolutionizing the Home Improvement Industry One Customer at a Time, While Changing the Lives of our Employees for the Better."


Bill and Kathleen had no idea that over 15 years ago that what started as a home improvement project turned “bad”, would become their passion. As owners of American Vision Windows, it was their own personal experience that led them to create what ultimately would become one of the nations largest window installation companies and the largest in all of California.

Bill and Kathleen’s home at the time was a two-story house full of aluminum windows. The temperature difference between upstairs and downstairs could vary by as much as 20 degrees. They also had a new baby in the house and were concerned about the constant draft near the crib. Kathleen went to work looking for a solution.

While educating herself on the varieties of windows and installers, she learned that not all were created equal. At the time, she learned about the benefits of dual-pane windows and how they could help with energy costs, noise reductions and provide a more secure home. The information was confusing since the salesmen and installers seemed to contradict each other, but ultimately She and Bill agreed upon a type of window and began the installation process.

Unfortunately, what should have been a pleasant and exciting experience turned out to be in their own words a “nightmare.” Kathleen, with her baby, had to deal with 3 months of contractors showing up late or not at all, having her calls ignored and being lied to about everything from what kind of windows they were “really’ getting, to when they would get installed. Needless to say, Bill and Kathleen were not satisfied customers.

From this unfortunate experience, Bill and Kathleen wondered why shouldn’t the process of buying and installing windows be anything other than positive. It was from this premise that American Vision Windows was born.

American Vision Windows has grown to be one of the largest window sales and installation companies in the nation and number one in all of California. Their growth can be directly attributed to their motto: “revolutionizing the home improvement industry…one customer at a time.”

American Vision Windows is dedicated to keeping the promises they make, listening to their customer needs, providing personalized service and going that extra mile to insure that you return for all of your home improvement needs.

~ Bill and Kathleen



"I used American Vision Windows for two separate installations. Back in December 2014, they installed 4 new double pane windows that were oddly shaped. The crew was clean, professional and completed the work quickly and efficiently. I used them again in September of 2015 to install blinds to these same oddly shaped windows... Thank you, American Vision Windows for 2 jobs, well done!!"

"Everything went just like you said it would. The windows look nicer than we imagined. You can tell they are of high quality. They were installed by a very professional crew and went in without a hitch..."

Mary M.