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Window Options Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows, American Vision Windows

Aluminum Windows, American Vision Windows

Aluminum Windows
Low Cost, High Design

One of the most popular types of windows, Aluminum Windows are strong, lightweight, and good at resisting moisture.

If you need to replace windows with unusual shapes, or you want to achieve a specific architectural look, you may want to consider aluminum. It can be easily formed into a number of custom window designs.

American Vision Windows offers Milgard® aluminum windows:

Aluminum Windows, American Vision Windows
Aluminum Windows, American Vision Windows

Milgard is a vertically integrated window and patio door manufacturer. We make our own insulated glass units. We produce our own vinyl components. We make our own fiberglass frames. The Milgard vinyl plant, located in Tacoma, began extruding quality frame material in 1988. To ensure top quality from start to finish, Milgard begins by precisely controlling our vinyl compound formulation to withstand harsh climate conditions.​

Aluminum Windows, American Vision Windows

Having a hard time deciding between vinyl and wood? We can help! Please read our article on Vinyl vs Wood Windows. Or call one of our home improvement experts today toll-free: (888) 542-2875.


Company rep, Don Adams came out, measured all fifteen aluminum windows in my house, explained all the options available to me and based on my decisions, offered me an estimate. I had done my homework, so I knew the window quality was top notch...

“Work done as promised and on time by American Vision Windows. There is some follow up work needed and they have been good about returning and following through. Now booking the cruise they gave to us to the Mexican Riviera. Rate them 4 1/2 out of 5. Great Service”.

Shawna C.