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What Type of Window Are You?

Here at American Vision Windows, we offer a wide variety of windows and doors to fit every need—and every personality. All of our replacement windows and doors are excellent quality, and we offer the latest technology in energy efficiency and insulation. However, while all of our windows are beautiful and durable, some may be a better fit for you and your home than others! Take our quiz to see which window style best suits your unique self.

  1. What is your usual clothing style?
    • a. Simple, classy, lots of black.
    • b. Elegant, bright, with the occasional decorative detail.
    • c. Comfortable, practical, and machine washable.
    • d. Bright, warm, colorful.
    • e. Light, unique, not too restrictive.
  1. What country could you see yourself living in long term?
    • a. Germany
    • b. England
    • c. The United States
    • d. Italy
    • e. I would want to travel!
  1. Which of these is your highest priority?
    • a. Aesthetic
    • b. Education
    • c. Practicality
    • d. Kindness
    • e. Freedom
  1. What word(s) would your friends use to describe you?
    • a. Confident
    • b. Old soul
    • c. Laid back
    • d. Caring
    • e. Unique
  1. What hobby have you always wanted to try?
    • a. Interior Design
    • b. Quilting
    • c. Car Repair
    • d. Gardening
    • e. Sky Diving
  1. Pick a drink.
    • a. Black coffee
    • b. Tea with milk
    • c. Soda
    • d. Water
    • e. Organic juice
  1. How would you describe your current hairstyle?
    • a. Straight and sleek.
    • b. Definitely takes some effort and styling.
    • c. Just wake up and go!
    • d. Always pulled up and out of the way.
    • e. Long and free!
  1. Would you say that you’re high-maintenance or low-maintenance?
    • a. Low-maintenance, but I put a lot of thought in what I do and wear.
    • b. High-maintenance. I don’t want to be a slob!
    • c. Low-maintenance as it gets. Why stress over all that stuff?
    • d, Somewhat high-maintenance. I wouldn’t want to make someone uncomfortable by having dirty clothes or sloppy hair.
    • e. Low-maintenance. Who has time for mundane details when I could be adventuring?
  1. What time period’s furniture do you love?
    • a. The 1950s. Mid-century modern all the way.
    • b. So classic and elegant.
    • c. Current day. It doesn’t get any comfier.
    • d. Handmade, beautiful, lots of wood, yet still simple.
    • e. Early 1900s Art Nouveau. Lots of nature, swirls, and creativity!
  1. What task are you currently procrastinating?
    • a. A work assignment.
    • b. Cleaning and organizing.
    • c. My basic responsibilities.
    • d. Someone needs me.
    • e. All of the above!

Mostly A’s – Picture Window: Modern and sleek, picture windows are as straightforward as it gets. They are a no fuss, elegant window usually with a narrower frame that maximizes your view of the outdoors. Picture windows also often come with obscure glass options, so that others can’t see into your home, but light can still get in. However, picture windows aren’t for everyone. The cost of their beautiful, direct simplicity is that they usually have no way of opening up. If you’re a picture window, then other people may respect you, your confidence, and your great sense of style—but it might also be time to be more vulnerable and open with those around you.

Mostly B’s – Bay Window: Bay windows can add a touch of warmth and class to any home. Beginning in Medieval England and popularized in the Victorian era, bay windows are designed to let in lots of light and a make a room look larger. Elegant and bright, bay windows can transform any home from drab to a work of art. If you’re a bay window, others see you as classy and artistic, but some might also see you as aloof or stuffy—even though, in reality, you love to let in the light!

Mostly C’s – Double Hung Windows: Double hung windows are classic and convenient. They’re the easiest to operate and to clean, because both the upper and lower sashes can open, and the upper sash can tilt, meaning that you can even clean the outside of the window easily. These windows are a great option for homeowners that are straightforward and practical. If you’re a double hung window, you’re easy to get along with and are happy to help others out when you can. However, sometimes this means that you can avoid conflict—don’t be afraid to gently say no when you need to!

Mostly D’s – Garden Window: Garden windows are designed to allow a shelf in your home, usually the kitchen, where plants can rest and soak up lots of needed light. A garden window can transform any kitchen from boring to charming, and it helps that it serves such a practical purpose! If you’re a garden window, then you’re a naturally warm caretaker. You love to be a safe space for friends and family. However, always remember to not take it personally if the people that you care for never seem to feel like it’s enough—some plants just aren’t designed to thrive in garden windows, and need other kinds of help.

Mostly E’s – Awning Window: Awning windows are your best option for airflow and ventilation. Usually without a screen, they open from the bottom and push outward. These windows are excellent for letting in a cool breeze, and for letting you stick your hand out the window for once! If you’re an awning window, then you’re a free spirit that loves to feel the cool air on your face. However, if you’re not careful, awning windows could also let in undesirable things like bugs—so remember that it’s ok to be wise and shut your window sometimes to keep out the unsavory characters.

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