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Window Options Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows

Vinyl vs Fiberglass Window, American Vision Windows

If you live in a region where seasonal temperatures can vary greatly, from extremely hot summers to bitterly cold winters, fiberglass windows are a smart option.

Fiberglass windows can be used in every type of climate, from cold and harsh to hot and steamy. American Vision Windows' top fiberglass manufacturer, Milgard, guarantees their products will maintain their rigidity even in extreme temperature changes.

"[Our fiberglass windows] perform the same whether it's 90 below freezing or 90 degrees every day,"
-Brian Mildenberger, product specialist for Milgard Windows.

Vinyl windows are today's consumer's favorite replacement window because of their energy-saving capability and very, very low maintenance requirements.

But fiberglass windows have carved out a geographical niche for themselves. Their durability and close resemblance to wood make them an attractive higher-end alternative to vinyl and a comparable one to wood windows.

They're also more energy efficient than aluminum windows. Fiberglass resists rotting, warping, and cracking.

Milgard's Ultra fiberglass windows are offered with many of the same glass options as vinyl windows, in many of the same styles. They also offer a variety of finishing touches such as interior wood graining and numerous divided light options.

They install the same as other windows and unlike vinyl, fiberglass can be painted. Less than a handful of manufacturers currently offer fiberglass windows. American Vision Windows offers the best from Milgard in order to serve our clients who live in highly changeable climates.

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