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Window Options Vinyl vs. Wood Windows

Vinyl vs Wood Windows, American Vision Windows
Vinyl vs Wood Windows, American Vision Windows

Vinyl vs. Wood Windows

So you are a homeowner and it’s finally time to replace your windows. It’s a great decision, but now you must decide whether you want wood or vinyl.

While the many options and styles to choose from can be overwhelming, all you need in selecting the best replacement windows is a clear set of priorities.

Narrowing down your wants and needs will make the decision much easier and help you choose the best option for you.

There are 4 things in particular you need to think about when deciding between wood or vinyl replacement windows.



Increasing your home’s ability to conserve energy by reducing your heating and cooling costs is an important concern for today’s homeowner.

Wood windows: These windows are wonderful insulators because they naturally keep the outside temperature from getting in your home. This allows your house to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

You can even add weather strips in order to block out any condensation, making the windows that much more effective. The downside to wood is that neglecting regular maintenance will reduce their ability to insulate.

Vinyl windows: Vinyl replacement windows are a great choice because vinyl has a great R-value (an R-value measures how much heat can pass through a material.)

These windows will insulate your home well and keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

Just like with wood, adding weather stripping can help to make vinyl replacement windows even more effective by blocking drafts and maintaining a tight seal.


Wood windows: Being a natural material, wood can weather as it is exposed to the outdoors. Continual maintenance is needed to keep these replacement windows working efficiently and looking their best.

For those that are able to dedicate the time and effort into keeping wooden replacement windows in good shape, they are a lovely way to accent your home.

They can be painted or stained to match your every whim, and the classic look of wood goes wonderfully with restored or high-end homes.

Vinyl windows: These type of windows are extremely popular because they are low maintenance. No painting, staining, or sanding is required because they are largely unaffected by the elements.

All these windows require is an infrequent cleaning with soap and water and they will be good as new.


Wood windows: Wooden replacement windows will cost you more upfront and in the long run. As stated before, they require continual maintenance in order to retain their beauty and efficiency, which could get expensive.

Being a natural and in-demand material, the upfront costs of purchasing and installing wood will also be higher than the cost of vinyl. A homeowner must decide if the beauty of natural wood is worth the price tag.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for budget when you consider the many window treatments available to you.

Vinyl windows: Vinyl replacement windows have a lower upfront cost, and the money you will save on maintenance cannot be overlooked. Vinyl won’t be affected by harsh weather, meaning it will last a very long time and thus be a great return on your initial investment.

Vinyl windows are also cheaper to install and, as they are a manufactured material, often come with warranties. Vinyl is a great option for homeowners who want a great product without breaking the budget.


Wood windows: Wooden windows are beautiful and a quality upgrade to any home. They will add timeless style that greatly enhances the curb appeal and overall value of your house.

With proper construction, installation, and maintenance, wooden windows can be a beautiful and functional asset to your home for years to come.

Vinyl windows: Vinyl is the most common replacement window you will find in current homes. Because of their resistance to weathering, they add beautiful curb appeal while increasing the value of your home. Their functionality is undeniable as they work flawless to insulate your home from outside temperature and noise alike.

In conclusion...

Whether you select wood or vinyl replacement windows, you really can’t go wrong. Both products provide excellent benefits in both appearance and function.

Wood is pricier and requires maintenance, but is a beautiful choice and can provide a more individual, classy look. Vinyl will cost less and require very little upkeep, and can be found in many homes in today’s world.

Keep these 4 considerations in mind when deciding between wood and vinyl, and also be sure to check out another great option: wood clad windows. Once you decide what your priorities are, the choice should be clear.

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