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Teaching Kids About Energy Conservation

As environmental threats mount, it is important to train kids to care for the world responsibly if it is to endure. Instilling kids with the knowledge of how to live in a way that is sustainable saves both resources and money, and teaches children that they are important members of society. Teaching children why it

27 Ways to Conserve Energy

27 Ways to Conserve Energy There are several reasons why conserving energy is the right choice to make. Citizens nationwide often find many advantages to going green such as saving money, preserving natural, yet limited resources, and helping the environment by reducing pollution. Using energy efficient appliances or conserving energy in the home or workplace

Welcome to the American Vision Windows blog

Greetings, and welcome to our American Vision blog! I’m Bill Herren and I’d like to get started by saying that we actually do windows! Yes, it’s true; for the last 13 years or so we’ve been listening to our customers in terms of what they want, but also what they need. When it comes to

Welcome from Kathleen

Welcome to American Vision! I’m Kathleen Herren, and I’d like to welcome our readers into the world of windows and so much more! My husband Bill and I decided that the best way to share our ideas with the community would be to reach out into cyberspace and talk about the many design choices available,

Bay Windows: Let Your Kitchen Shine Through!

Greetings again! Today I’d like to discuss the most important room of all: the kitchen, and how adding a bay window will do wonders to its overall appearance. I understand that many options are available, so the best thing to do is find a design that fits like a glove and blends in seamlessly with

Happy Independence Day from American Vision Windows!

Happy independence Day from American Vision Windows As our nation approaches its 237th birthday, millions will be celebrating in grand fashion with family, friends, neighbors and perhaps some new acquaintances as well. No matter where you are, the chances of seeing an organized and explosive display of fireworks are in your favor. From San Diego to

Background Noise Virtually Eliminated with Replacement Windows

Today’s discussion will focus on reducing unwanted background noise without having to use earplugs. While some recent studies have shown that certain types of exterior noise can cause tremendous amounts of angst and stress, minimizing these irritations can be simply achieved by having replacement windows installed in your home. Noises generated from car alarms, emergency

American Vision Windows and Solar Partners Up with HERO Financing

American Vision Windows and Solar Partners Up with HERO Financing to Make Energy-Efficient Products More Affordable… Without Credit Checks or Down Payments Good news! We are offering a new financing solution that doesn’t require any credit checks or down payments. Read below to find out more: A big part of our core mission here at