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American Vision Windows and Solar Partners Up with HERO Financing

American Vision Windows and Solar Partners Up with HERO Financing to Make Energy-Efficient Products More Affordable… Without Credit Checks or Down Payments Good news! We are offering a new financing solution that doesn’t require any credit checks or down payments. Read below to find out more: A big part of our core mission here at

Care and Maintenance Tips to Help Your Windows Last Longer

Window maintenance involves a few simple procedures in order to help lengthen the life of each and every window in your home. While some of these steps may be obvious to the naked eye, others may go inadvertently unnoticed. It’s also important to point out that the weather has a lot to do with the

With Home Prices Rising, Now Is the Time to Buy Windows

When the housing bubble popped in 2008, a lot of things were put on hold. People looking to sell their homes decided to wait, those who were buying could not get the mortgages they needed, and those who were considering improvements to increase the value of their home were discouraged. However, home prices have recovered

Updated List of Approved HERO Financing Program Communities

LIST UPDATED AS OF 04/30/15 Here we will keep an updated list of all the areas that have been approved for the HERO Financing Program or will be in the future.  Eventually the plan is for this to grow across all of California and eventually across the entire United States. * COMING SOON Alameda County

Benefits of Replacement Windows with QuadraTherm ® Upgrade

American Vision Windows Now Offers Revolutionary Replacement Windows with QuadraTherm ® When you think of your home, what is the most beneficial investment that you can make? If you’re answer was anything but your windows, let us explain why you should reconsider. Upgrading windows can do wonders for your home in multiple ways, but the

8 Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Owning a home can be a tremendous task. With so many things to upkeep and maintain, it can often feel like your house is a full-time job. Many people simply don’t have the time or the money to constantly maintain every part of their home, so priorities must be established and choices must be made.