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Can Replacing Windows Make Your Home More Efficient?

California residents use substantial energy every year. When it comes to saving money on home expenses, most homeowners jump at the opportunity.

Did you know that replacing your older windows with energy efficient windows may be one way to save money in the long run? While high-quality windows could last around 20 or more years, your windows may be costing you money if they are in need of replacement.

There are certain signs that may indicate it’s time to replace your windows. If it is damaged or warped, you feel a draft near the window, you notice dust on the window sill or near the windows or you just want to cut back on your energy usage and spending and improve your curb appeal, it is time.

Types of Replacement Windows

While some window selection can be predetermined by the size of your old windows, the style and type of window you choose can depend on the features you are looking for. From replacement vinyl windows to triple pane to double pane, you have a range of options.

The type of window you select can be largely determined your geographic region, which HGTV provides a guide for so you can make sure you are on the right track.

While California has a variety of different regions spread out across the state, some options to consider include:

  • Rainier areas – Go with moisture-resistant window materials, including vinyl, wood-resin composite, fiberglass, and similar options. You should ai for U-Values of 0.3 or lower to ensure the best insulation. If summers are milder, windows should have a higher solar heat gain coefficient.
  • Sunnier areas – Certain regions in California (most) can get extensive sun year-round. This is why you want windows with good solar heat resistance. Ideally, an SHGC below 0.3. There are also certain coatings that can allow light to pass through the glass, but block any heat-causing rays, making a home energy efficient without sacrificing natural light.

All About Glazing, Tints, Films & Coatings

When it comes time to replace your windows, the best way to ensure they are energy efficient is selecting windows with the right glaze, tint, reflecting film, or coating.

Double pane windows have a small gap between the glass lawyers to create a heat barrier. These gaps between lawyers of glazing can be filled with a specific gas to further help reduce heat flow.

Other features that can help with efficiency:

  • Reflective films – These films can block significant amounts of radiant energy that hits a window, keeping a home cooler. However, they may block more natural light. This is why bronze and gray-tinted films are suggested, as they don’t reduce as much visible light as others.
  • Low-emittance coatings – Also known as low-E coatings, these are the most versatile options, metal or metallic oxide particles work to suppress heat flow coming from the windows. You can choose to use the coating to trap heat in (for colder environments) or keep it out (in warmer environments).

Take the Next Step in Window Replacement

American Vision Windows is proud to offer replacement windows from top manufacturers like Anlin, Milgard, Ply Gem, Lincoln, and many more. With locations in Orange County, San Jose Area, San Diego, and LA / Ventura counties, we are here to handle all your replacement window needs. Trust your energy efficient window upgrades to our experts! Start with a free home estimate today or find answers to your questions online.

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How Newlyweds Used Windows & Doors to Create Home Oasis

At American Vision Windows, we are proud to use quality materials and products from some of the top window manufacturers in the country. That is why, when we hear about stories like Justin and Rebekah G. who used quality Pella windows and doors, we can’t help but share them with pride.

Struck with the drive to create their own oasis after becoming newlyweds, the couple was on the hunt for a countryside property around Polk City, Iowa that they could build their own vision on. After finding the perfect plot of land with a forest setting, Rebekah and Justin began the building process.

They knew the value of working with the best brands available, which is why they made sure to go with a Pella as their window and door manufacturer in order to create their dream home with money saving options.

According to Rebekah, the couple was looking for energy efficient windows and doors that would not only be beautiful and modern, but also inviting and welcoming. They trusted Pella because of the reputation for quality and on-trend products — the same reason we here at American Vision Windows love their products!

The Newlyweds’ Tips for Selecting New Windows & Doors

Rebekah and Justin gave Pella some feedback on the process, including advice for other couples approaching the home building or window replacement process.

Rebekah’s three main tips:

  1. Explore your finish and color options ahead of time with your company
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask all your questions
  3. Create a mood board to reflect your desired style and home personality

This newlywed couple got everything they were looking for in their new home, from “sweeping, sleek Designer Series® double-hung windows” in Rebekah’s music studio to an elegant craftsman door with a sharp naval blue finish.

From new homeowners to those looking to replace windows, these tips can go a long way in creating a vision for your property or home improvement project.

American Vision Windows Can Help You Create an Oasis

Pella — and other manufacturers American Vision Windows works with — offer beautiful, modern window and door designs that can be tailored to any style. If you have a vision for your home, whether it’s creating a signature look with a front door or spilling light into a room with expansive windows, we can help you bring it to life!

Want to hear stories from our very own customers here at American Vision Windows who have created their own home oasis? Check out our testimonials today! You can also give us a call at 888-542-2875 to learn more about our window replacement options.

Are You Throwing Money Out the Window?

Are you throwing money out of the window?

Planning home improvements can be complicated. Where do you start? From a fresh coat of paint to an upgraded kitchen, there are countless options for giving your property a new look. Sometimes one area that goes overlooked is your home’s windows.

If you’ve noticed chipping paint, sagging window panes, poor home insulation, or even a higher than desired utility bill, replacing your inefficient windows could do the trick. Windows are also more than just an aesthetic element of your home — they provide security, protection, and safety for your family. New windows can do so much for your next home improvement project!

When It’s Time to Get New Windows

So you figured out you want to upgrade your home, but not sure if your windows are the problem. When it comes to deciding on whether or not to replace your windows, there are certain issues you should keep in mind.

Here are a couple of key signs to look for:

  • Poor ventilation in your home
  • Mold or mildew building up around the window panes
  • Loss of cool air around damaged windows
  • Visible decay or structural damage to the window
  • Broken glass or cracked glass
  • Drafts or leaks from the windows
  • Poor sound control
  • Old, outdated window styles

Simply put, when your windows aren’t doing their job anymore, you could be throwing money away. The easiest home improvement may be upgrading your old windows for new, energy efficient ones! Stylish windows can also quickly boost your curb appeal and give your home a new, upgraded look with minimal work involved.

So How Do I Choose My Replacement Windows?

With plenty of window styles out there, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to replacement. You have to consider where you prefer extremely energy efficient triple pane or double pane, vinyl windows, or an alternative option. First and foremost, however, you want to ensure the style you select comes from a trusted, quality manufacturer. Our team here at American Vision Windows always using the finest quality materials and ensures our customers get the best window solutions for their specific goals. We are dedicated to providing money-saving replacement windows that our customers enjoy for years to come in their homes.

If you are tired of throwing your money out of the window, now is the time to get American Vision Windows on the job. Take the first step by scheduling a free estimate today at 888-542-2875.

Boosting Curb Appeal to Refresh Your Home

Could your home use a facelift? Are you concerned about the appearance of your property and the statement it makes about your home interior? Even if you’ve recently remodeling your home kitchen or bathroom, if the exterior isn’t putting your best foot forward, it could cost you in curb appeal.

So how do you get a total home refresh? Just like you want the interior of your home to show off your style and personality, your outdoor area should as well. From landscaping and paint colors to window and door selection, every area is important.

The Power of Replacing Windows & Doors

Your doors and windows make more of a statement than you may realize. Your doors open up into the heart of your home, marking the first impression of any visitor or prospective home buyer. Likewise, windows are accent points that allow light into your home and a peek into the style of your house.

Both areas allow you to add distinctive style and boost energy efficiency with modern replacement window and door options. By updating your doors and windows with more efficient options, such as triple or double pane windows, you can help lower your heating and cooling costs, cut down on sound entry, and improve home security — all while refreshing your home’s current curb appeal. Your windows and doors are worth investing in, especially when they can help you save money in the long run with a more efficient household.

If you are considering replacing your windows, we offer replacement vinyl windows that are double and triple glazed for optimal efficiency and aesthetic value.

Accenting Your Windows & Doors

Maybe you’ve recently replaced your windows and doors already or want to go beyond to just upgrading them with money saving options. You can take it a step further by creatively accenting these areas of your home, adding even more curb value.

Consider setting up entry area lights to accent your door. If you select a creative color to make your door pop, custom lighting can make it stand out even further, creating a welcoming and memorable impression.

Adding greenery and enhancing your landscape can also be tied to your new windows and doors. Consider adding plants around your new door to really make the color stand out or even accent your windows panes with some greenery. Having upgraded window boxes can also make your home feel more inviting.

Get Started on Improving Your Property Today

When you choose to go with American Vision Windows, you get quality options to enhance your curb appeal with replacement windows and doors. We are proud to work with top quality manufacturers who put our customers first!

What Type of Window Are You?

While all of our windows are beautiful and durable, some may be a better fit for you and your home than others. Here at American Vision Windows, we offer a wide variety of windows and doors to fit every need—and every personality. All of our replacement windows and doors are excellent quality, and we offer the latest technology in energy efficiency and insulation!
Take our quiz to see which window style best suits your unique self!


1. What is your usual clothing style?

a. Simple, classy, lots of black.
b. Elegant, bright, with the occasional decorative detail.
c. Comfortable, practical, and machine washable.
d. Bright, warm, colorful.
e. Light, unique, not too restrictive.



2. What country could you see yourself living in the long term?

a. Germany
b. England
c. The United States
d. Italy
e. I would want to travel!



3. Which of these is your highest priority?

a. Aesthetic
b. Education
c. Practicality
d. Kindness
e. Freedom



4. What word(s) would your friends use to describe you?

a. Confident
b. Old soul
c. Laid back
d. Caring
e. Unique



5. What hobby have you always wanted to try?

a. Interior Design
b. Quilting
c. Car Repair
d. Gardening
e. Sky Diving



6. Pick a drink.

a. Black coffee
b. Tea with milk
c. Soda
d. Water
e. Organic juice



7. How would you describe your current hairstyle?

a. Straight and sleek.
b. Definitely takes some effort and styling.
c. Just wake up and go!
d. Always pulled up and out of the way.
e. Long and free!



8. Would you say that you’re high-maintenance or low-maintenance?

a. Low-maintenance, but I put a lot of thought in what I do and wear.
b. High-maintenance. I don’t want to be a slob!
c. Low-maintenance as it gets. Why stress over all that stuff?
d, Somewhat high-maintenance. I wouldn’t want to make someone uncomfortable by having dirty clothes or sloppy hair.
e. Low-maintenance. Who has time for mundane details when I could be adventuring?



9. What time period’s furniture do you love?

a. The 1950s. Mid-century modern all the way.
b. So classic and elegant.
c. Current day. It doesn’t get any comfier.
d. Handmade, beautiful, lots of wood, yet still simple.
e. Early 1900s Art Nouveau. Lots of nature, swirls, and creativity!


10. What task are you currently procrastinating?

a. A work assignment.
b. Cleaning and organizing.
c. My basic responsibilities.
d. Someone needs me.
e. All of the above!

Mostly A’s – Picture Window:

Modern and sleek, picture windows are as straightforward as it gets. They are a no fuss, elegant window usually with a narrower frame that maximizes your view of the outdoors. Picture windows also often come with obscure glass options, so that others can’t see into your home, but light can still get in. However, picture windows aren’t for everyone. The cost of their beautiful, direct simplicity is that they usually have no way of opening up. If you’re a picture window, then other people may respect you, your confidence, and your great sense of style—but it might also be time to be more vulnerable and open with those around you.

Mostly B’s – Bay Window:

Bay windows can add a touch of warmth and class to any home. Beginning in Medieval England and popularized in the Victorian era, bay windows are designed to let in lots of light and a make a room look larger. Elegant and bright, bay windows can transform any home from drab to a work of art. If you’re a bay window, others see you as classy and artistic, but some might also see you as aloof or stuffy—even though, in reality, you love to let in the light!

Mostly C’s – Double Hung Windows:

Double hung windows are classic and convenient. They’re the easiest to operate and to clean, because both the upper and lower sashes can open, and the upper sash can tilt, meaning that you can even clean the outside of the window easily. These windows are a great option for homeowners that are straightforward and practical. If you’re a double hung window, you’re easy to get along with and are happy to help others out when you can. However, sometimes this means that you can avoid conflict—don’t be afraid to gently say no when you need to!

Mostly D’s – Garden Window:

Garden windows are designed to allow a shelf in your home, usually the kitchen, where plants can rest and soak up lots of needed light. A garden window can transform any kitchen from boring to charming, and it helps that it serves such a practical purpose! If you’re a garden window, then you’re a naturally warm caretaker. You love to be a safe space for friends and family. However, always remember to not take it personally if the people that you care for never seem to feel like it’s enough—some plants just aren’t designed to thrive in garden windows, and need other kinds of help.

Mostly E’s – Awning Window:

Awning windows are your best option for airflow and ventilation. Usually without a screen, they open from the bottom and push outward. These windows are excellent for letting in a cool breeze, and for letting you stick your hand out the window for once! If you’re an awning window, then you’re a free spirit that loves to feel the cool air on your face. However, if you’re not careful, awning windows could also let in undesirable things like bugs—so remember that it’s ok to be wise and shut your window sometimes to keep out the unsavory characters.

Replacing Your Windows Increases Home Value

Replacing Windows with American-Vision-to-Increase-Home-Value

Replacing Your Windows Increases Home Value

Have you been saving up for a remodel for a while? Or maybe you just got a decent tax return, and want to make a good investment with it? There are all kinds of projects to tackle, from redoing the cracking bathroom tile to finally replacing that stained sink. However, it’s important to think about what project might get you the most “bang for your buck.” Some projects may be a big investment, but may not increase your home’s resale value by very much. Other projects are simpler and can give you a great return on your investment.

Thankfully, some people have already done the math on which projects are most valuable. The Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report measures the average cost of a remodeling project in an area, and then measures the average resale value that the project adds to a home. From there, it shows which projects add the largest percentage of resale value.

Some projects were more valuable than others. For example, in the Pacific region (that’s California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska), the report found that adding a new backyard patio added about 62% of its cost to a home’s resale value. The bad news? The average cost of a whole new patio was nearly $60,000, meaning a loss of over $20,000 when it came to reselling the home.

Replacing with Vinyl Windows

Unlike a new patio, vinyl replacement windows recoup most of their cost. The report measured the average cost and then the value of replacing ten 3’x5’ double hung windows with vinyl, insulated, low-E coated windows. In the Pacific region, the recouped cost was over 92%! This means that you could keep 92% of the value of your newly installed windows when reselling your home.The project nearly pays for itself–and that’s not even counting how much you can save on electricity bills with your new, properly insulated windows.

That small 8% isn’t much to pay for the look and feel of gorgeous new windows. New windows can keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, meaning that you have to run your heater or air conditioner less. This means great savings on your electricity bills, which are only going up. Installing new windows also provides work for local contractors, and can help increase the safety of your home. Newer windows are significantly more durable than old, single-pane windows and are much harder to break–not to mention new safety and locking features. New windows can also make any home look newer, cleaner, and more beautiful.

Call American Vision Windows today to have vinyl replacement windows installed. We even offer free in-home estimates. American Vision Windows offers several financing options to ensure that you get the home improvements that you need, including the HERO Program, which is a partnership between local governments and contractors to help homeowners pay for their energy-saving home improvements through their property taxes.

Call today to get beautiful, energy-saving windows that also increase your home’s resale value.

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Windows

1. It’s against safety standards to have your windows painted shut, because you won’t be able to get out as easily in an emergency.


2. Wooden windows are the oldest type of window, but are rarely used in the modern day because they easily swell or crack with heat and cold.


3. Argon gas, a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas used inside light bulbs, is sometimes used between windowpanes to make windows better insulated.


4. Argon gas can also prevent condensation inside windowpanes, because it reacts differently than oxygen.


5. Window grilles are bars, usually metal or vinyl, on the outside of your window. These can help prevent break-ins and also prevent anyone or anything from falling out of the window. They’re also used decoratively to enhance the appearance of your home.


6. Bay windows, the three-sided protruding windows in a home, were popularized in Victorian England.


7. Awning windows can be opened from the bottom outward, so that they look similar to an awning.


8. Picture or fixed windows don’t open, but instead offer the most unobstructed views.


9. A window’s “U-factor” is how much heat the window lets through the glass. An energy-efficient U-factor would be .25.


10. According to ENERGY STAR, replacing your single pane windows with energy-efficient windows can save you $126-465 on your energy bills per year.


11. Most homeowners choose vinyl when they replace their windows. Vinyl windows are easy to clean, are energy-efficient, and are especially durable.


12. Some windows, such as certain double hung windows, can tilt inward. This makes cleaning the outside of the window much easier, especially for second floor windows.


13. Older windows can have air leaks or poor insulation, and can account for 10-25% of your heating bill.


14. Some windows, such as Del Mar series windows, are specifically engineered to dramatically suppress sound from outside, making your home significantly quieter.


15. Low-emissivity coatings on windows increase energy efficiency, lower the transmission of heat from the outside into your home, and can also prevent furniture or carpet fading.


16. Have you ever cranked open a window? Chances are that it was a casement window, which have pivoting hinges on the outer edge.


17. Triple pane windows have three panes of glass, making them extremely energy efficient and also much more difficult to break.


18. Do you want privacy but still want to let in the light? Obscure glass or textured glass can do just that in areas like the front door or bathroom window.


19. Aluminum windows are often found on older homes. While inexpensive and low-maintenance, aluminum windows conduct heat easily and aren’t as energy efficient as other materials.


20. Aluminum windows are expected to last around 15-20 years before they need to be replaced, according to S. News and World Report.


21. Cracks or breakages aren’t the only sign that windows need to be replaced. If the seal is broken, they’re very difficult to open, they don’t open or close all the way, or are poorly insulated, then it’s time to replace.


22. Have you ever wondered how to get stained glass windows in various colors? To get green glass, you can use sand that’s high in iron.


23. Modern glassmakers can still use sand, but also use dolomite, limestone, and soda ash.


24. While ancient Egyptians were the first recorded civilization to use glasswork, Romans are the first we are aware of that made windows.


25. In a window, the technical term for the frame that holds the glass itself is “the sash.”


Choosing Windows for Your Home

Whether you’re adding new rooms to an existing home, or just remodeling what you already have, windows play a significant role not only in your project’s budget, but also in your home’s beauty, energy efficiency and security. Choosing the right windows can be confusing, however, so it helps to be familiar with some common terms.

The Glass

Clean, shiny glass not only lets in the light, it opens up your home to the beauty of the outdoors.

  • Single, Dual or Triple-Pane: This refers to how many sheets of glass make up the window. The more layers of glass, the more energy-efficient the window; and the more comfortable the interior of your home. Security is another benefit of multi-pane windows, after all, it’s a lot harder for a burglar to break three layers of glass than just one.
  • Low-E: Windows with a low-emissivity coating reduce the transmission of heat. This means that your home stays cooler on those scorching summer days, a big plus in sunny California. Low-E glass also cuts down on annoying fading of carpets and furniture near the windows.
  • U-value: The U-value of a window refers to how easily it transmits heat. The lower the U-value, the better the window’s insulating abilities and the better its energy efficiency. That’s important when you live in the Southwest, where long, hot summers are the norm.

The Frame

A window is more than just a sheet of glass, of course, and the frame not only adds to the appearance of the window, it also provides insulation.

  • Wood: Wood adds natural beauty to your windows, and it also cuts down on temperature transfer. Wood requires upkeep, however.
  • Vinyl: Durable, energy-efficient and budget-friendly, vinyl is a popular choice for window frames. The color selection is limited, though.
  • Aluminum: These are best in humid climates or areas prone to high winds. Aluminum is strong yet lightweight.
  • Wood-clad: These frames showcase the beauty of wood on the window’s interior, but are vinyl on the exterior for superior durability.

The Style

There are many styles of windows. The right choice depends on the room, the design of your home and the window’s function.

  • Single-hung: The lower half of these windows slides up and down, making it a breeze to, well, let in a breeze.
  • Double-hung: These windows have dual sashes that either slide all the way up and down, or tilt inward, making it easy to allow airflow to circulate through the room.
  • Sliders: Sliding windows have a panel that slides horizontally.
  • Casement: Pivoting hinges on the inside of these windows lets you crank them open to the outside world.
  • Picture: A picture window is large and stationary. It lets in lots of light, adds to the airiness of a room, and showcases a gorgeous view outside the home.
  • Bay: Bay windows occupy an alcove that extends outwards from the home. Generally, they are a trio (or more) of side-by-side windows, some stationary and some functional.
  • Awning: Hinged at the top, awning windows swing to the outside.
  • Accent: An accent window is any small window that adds a touch of decorative beauty to the room. It might be mounted over the front door, on a stairway landing or high up the living room wall. These are stationary windows and come in a wide range of shapes.

Benefits of Triple-Pane Windows

Benefits of Triple-Pane Windows
You wouldn’t open the window and toss your money out into the street, right? Well, in a metaphorical sense, that’s exactly what you are doing if your home still has its original single-pane or low-efficiency double-pane windows. While a great view of the world outside is priceless, the energy lost through the glass does have a price, and you pay it in the form of your monthly heating or cooling bills. If you’re in the market for replacement windows, and you’d like to cut down on your utility costs, it’s time to give triple-pane windows a look, as these have the highest energy efficiency.

What’s the Difference?

Old-fashioned single-pane windows are just that: a single pane of glass. Double-pane windows, then, are two panes of glass with a thin space between them that is often filled with argon or krypton gas. The gas adds to the window’s energy efficiency. So it follows that a triple-pane window, which has TWO gas-filled chambers sandwiched between glass, would be even more energy efficient. It’s the same idea as layering your clothing on a cold day; you’ll shiver in just a t-shirt, feel a little better if you add a sweater and be comfortable if you put on a coat.

Highest Energy Efficiency

Triple-pane replacement windows make life more comfortable. Their high energy efficiency means that they keep the heat in on cold winter days, and they keep the heat out during those scorching summer heatwaves. In fact, triple-pane windows are typically around 50% better at insulating your home than single-pane glass, and up to 25% more efficient than double-pane windows. That translates into significant savings on your heating and cooling costs. It also means you’ll be more comfortable throughout your home, no more sweating as the blazing sun hits you while you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, and no more shivering from cold glass transmitting equally cold air into your bedroom at night.

No More Condensation

Have you ever found moisture on the inside of your windows on a cold day? That’s because the difference between the indoor and outdoor air temperatures caused water vapor to sweat onto the glass, creating the potential for mold or damage to drywall and windowsills. But replace your windows with efficient triple-pane glass, with its excellent resistance to temperature transfer, and that sweaty glass is a thing of the past.

The Safety Factor

Another benefit of triple-pane replacement windows is increased home safety. After all, it’s a lot harder to break through three layers of glass than just one, meaning that your new windows are sturdier in case of an attempted break-in, a rock or other projectile striking the window, or an earthquake.

Give us a call. We’ll be glad to help you choose the right replacement windows for your home.

Triple Pane Windows Make a Significant Difference

I can’t say enough about the many benefits of having triple pane windows installed in your home. When compared to traditional single pane aluminum frame windows, the triple panes pass the test with flying colors. Not only do these windows go above and beyond energy efficient standards, they also provide extra-added durability in terms of safety and security. You can’t go wrong with these windows; they’re well worth the investment, as you’ll be able to see and feel the difference immediately.

Stabilizing the temperature inside our homes can sometimes present a challenge. Triple pane windows are designed to keep the heat outside during the summer and seal it in during the winter. After having them installed, it’s a good idea to use your previous gas and electricity bills for comparison. Many of my customers have been able to cut their utility costs in half and they’ve been able to do it in as little as three months! Imagine saving hundreds of dollars on your heating and cooling costs every year. Over time, the savings can really add up. Our American Vision triple pane windows have also been battled tested against the elements, and here’s what we found:

Sun damage; I remember the days of single pane windows and how the sun’s rays would penetrate through our living room window. Kathleen and I noticed that the carpet started losing its color in the sun exposed areas, and then our furniture began take a beating as well. After having the triple panes installed, we could leave the blinds open all day long without a second thought; problem solved!

In terms of staving off harsh weather conditions, these windows will stay watertight, even in the heaviest of downpours. Also being able to sustain winds of up to 80 MPH, American Vision triple panes surpass industry standards (40MPH) while simultaneously outshining the competition. The thickness of the glass speaks for itself while the sturdiest of materials are used to secure each frame. You’ll also notice a significant reduction in street noise, which is proof positive that these windows are a great fit for any home.

We also use security measures to prevent intruders from opening these windows by installing interior cam locks and continuous interlocks, which only adds to the peace-of-mind factor while you’re away from your home.

So I guess it’s pretty simple. Saving a bundle and being energy efficient at the same time makes good sense, and feeling secure is an extra added bonus offered by our staff at American Vision Windows.