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An Educational Guide to Earth Science

An Educational Guide to Earth Science

The Earth provides us with a variety of resources that we can use and enjoy. Within the Earth we can enjoy the land, water and sky. The Earth also provides us with opportunities to study these resources. At an early age, students can learn about the different areas of Earth Science which includes geology, meteorology, oceanology and astronomy. These are areas which can be studied at a very early age in school.

In general, Earth science reveals the nature of the only life-bearing planet and its relation to neighboring planets and constellations. Earth science incorporates the observation of how the planet functions. In addition, it has many practical applications that make it an easy science to master. Earth scientists can apply their knowledge for creative purposes. For instance, some Earth scientists take advantage of the knowledge by finding and developing energy and mineral resources. Others may study on how human interaction has impacted the Earth’s environment, and devise theories on how to protect the planet from destruction. Some Earth scientists will study natural phenomena that place people in harm’s way and then develop the construction of communities that will endure potentially catastrophic events.

To learn more about the study of Earth science, we have put together the following resources in a variety of areas of study. We hope this information can be used to learn more about the Earth and all of the resources that can be found.


Meteorology and the Atmospheric Sciences




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