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Environmental Health Guide

Environmental Health Guide

There are many dangers that people face throughout the day. Many of the dangers are visible dangers such as objects that are falling, cars that are coming at you and lightning storms are just a few of the examples of dangers that you can see. Barring any physical limitations, these are all dangers that can be seen and avoided. However, the real problems occur when we are faced with dangers that we cannot see, especially ones that are related to the environment.

We enter our house on a daily basis and expect that we will be safe. The same for our place of employment, businesses we patronize and all of the other buildings we enter. But what if we entered a building that is a hazardous place? This occurs often when we encounter locations where environmental health issues reside.

So, what is environmental health and why should we be concerned? Essentially environmental health is a branch of medicine and health that analyzes different areas of the environment, and how it impacts the health of humans. There are a multitude of health issues pertaining to the environment that we are faced with, most being invisible to the naked eye. Different areas of environmental health include the quality of air, instances of mold in buildings, breathing problems due to asthma related causes, smoking, water and many others.

If unchecked, these issues could lead to long-term health problems or even death. Therefore, preventing these environmental health issues from affecting us is extremely important. By properly maintaining our houses and places of business, we can prevent many of these problems from becoming serious in nature. To help learn more about the issues surrounding environmental health and how to prevent this from our daily life, we have provided the following resources.

Environmental Health Overview

  • Environmental Health Topics – Informative page from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with a wide array of information on the subject.
  • Environmental Health – WHO page with information on health issues related to the environment.
  • Ensemble of Definitions – Information and selection of various definitions of environmental health.

Air Quality

  • Indoor Air Quality – Page from the Environmental Protection Agency which deals with the problems of indoor air quality.
  • Business Air Quality – Information that employers need to follow in order to provide a healthy workplace.
  • Indoor Air Quality and Health – Informative page with findings on how poor indoor air can affect health.
  • Improve Indoor Air – Article which lists five simple was to improve indoor air quality.


  • Mold and Moisture – Government information on the health concerns of mold in the home or business.
  • Molds – Useful page which provides information on how mold forms in the home.


  • What is Asthma? – Informative page which defines the issues related to asthma.
  • Asthma Symptoms and Types – Useful web page which lists the various types of asthma and the symptoms.
  • Asthma Information – Web page containing information on symptoms, diagnosis, management and treatment.
  • What Causes Asthma? – Article which provides a definition and overview of asthma.



  • Water and Health – John Hopkins program which discusses the issues of health and water.
  • Drinking Water and Health – Collection of resources on the health issues related to water.
  • Water Pollution – Useful page which discusses the problem of contamination of water and what affect it has.
  • Water Quality – Web page which lists the impact of water on health.

General Information and Resources

  • Environmental Health – State based information that provides an overview on programs related to environmental health.
  • Environmental Health Resources – Resourceful page with a number of topics and sources of information.
  • Environmental Health Links – Web page with a listing of links to other sites about health and the environment.
  • Resources and Links – Useful page with a number of helpful pages about a number of health related topics.
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