A View from your Window - A Look at the Weather
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A View from your Window: A Look at the Weather

A View from your Window – A Look at the Weather

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One of the most commonly asked questions that people have is “what’s the weather going to be like today?” Many day-to-day tasks and activities are reliant on the weather and in the event of bad weather, our plans may have to be changed. Outdoor activities and sporting events depend on having good weather for the participants and spectators. The roadway and other transportation access points are also depending on good weather to get people where they need to be. In short, weather plays a major part of our life.

While people train years to become a Meteorologist and learn how the weather can be predicted, we will provide you with general information on a number of topics related to the weather. The weather is very complicated and changeable. However, here is some information on the Sun and how to protect from being overheated. Also, we are providing information on rain, clouds, snow, storms, severe weather and some good, general reference pages about the weather.

This page is not intended to make you a weather expert, but it may help by providing information on common weather events so that the next time you encounter the occurrence you will know more about it. We hope this information is useful, and please feel free to refer to it often, and share it with others who could benefit from the contents.

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