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Are You Throwing Money Out the Window?

Are you throwing money out of the window?

Planning home improvements can be complicated. Where do you start? From a fresh coat of paint to an upgraded kitchen, there are countless options for giving your property a new look. Sometimes one area that goes overlooked is your home’s windows.

If you’ve noticed chipping paint, sagging window panes, poor home insulation, or even a higher than desired utility bill, replacing your inefficient windows could do the trick. Windows are also more than just an aesthetic element of your home — they provide security, protection, and safety for your family. New windows can do so much for your next home improvement project!

When It’s Time to Get New Windows

So you figured out you want to upgrade your home, but not sure if your windows are the problem. When it comes to deciding on whether or not to replace your windows, there are certain issues you should keep in mind.

Here are a couple of key signs to look for:

  • Poor ventilation in your home
  • Mold or mildew building up around the window panes
  • Loss of cool air around damaged windows
  • Visible decay or structural damage to the window
  • Broken glass or cracked glass
  • Drafts or leaks from the windows
  • Poor sound control
  • Old, outdated window styles

Simply put, when your windows aren’t doing their job anymore, you could be throwing money away. The easiest home improvement may be upgrading your old windows for new, energy efficient ones! Stylish windows can also quickly boost your curb appeal and give your home a new, upgraded look with minimal work involved.

So How Do I Choose My Replacement Windows?

With plenty of window styles out there, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to replacement. You have to consider where you prefer extremely energy efficient triple pane or double pane, vinyl windows, or an alternative option. First and foremost, however, you want to ensure the style you select comes from a trusted, quality manufacturer. Our team here at American Vision Windows always using the finest quality materials and ensures our customers get the best window solutions for their specific goals. We are dedicated to providing money-saving replacement windows that our customers enjoy for years to come in their homes.

If you are tired of throwing your money out of the window, now is the time to get American Vision Windows on the job. Take the first step by scheduling a free estimate today at 888-542-2875.

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