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We believe a company is only as good as the people that work there. At American Vision Windows, it’s the people that make a difference.

Every one of our departments and employees will treat your home improvement project with the utmost respect and attention to detail. From our customer service reps that take your initial call, to the window and door installation crew, our talented staff is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of exceptional service.


Evan Thompson, a

Evan Thompson

Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Monica Estrada, b

Monica Estrada

Vice President
(805) 915-1344
Frank Mastrolonardo, b

Frank Mastrolonardo

Chief Operating Officer
(805) 915-1366
Chris Perez, c

Chris Perez

Vice President of Sales
(805) 915-1371

Simi Valley

Dan Dunlay, Accounting

Dan Dunlay

(805) 915-1336
Chris Carpenter, Accounting

Chris Carpenter

(805) 915-1350
Victoria Diossa, Accounting

Victoria Diossa

Accounts payable
(805) 915-1311
Cindy Lozano, Accounting

Cindy Lozano

Measure Coordinator
(805) 915-1372
Steve Huffman, Accounting

Steve Huffman

Project Manager
(805) 915-1326
Gabriela Herrera, Customer Care Center

Gabriela Herrera

Customer Care Coordinator
(805) 915-1370
Georgette Cash, Customer Care Center

Georgette Cash

Home Show & Event Coordinator
(805) 915-1384
Francine Janssen, Customer Care Center

Francine Janssen

Customer Care Coordinator
(805) 915-1323
Brittnee Manfredonia, Customer Care Center

Brittnee Manfredonia

Lead Coordinator
(805) 915-1322
Jessica Hopper, Finance

Jessica Hopper

Finance Director
(805) 915-1397
Donna Rennick, Human Resources

Donna Rennick

Human Resources Manager
(805) 915-1285
Dean Palacio, Information Technology

Dean Palacio

Information Technology Manager
(805) 915-1399
Abraham Salazar, Production

Abraham Salazar

Measure Technician
(805) 501-2503
Bill Creiger, Production

Bill Creiger

Quality Control
Gabriel Estrada, Production

Gabriel Estrada

(626) 862-7814
Javier Estrada, Production

Javier Estrada

(805) 587-1894
Tim Thelen, Production

Tim Thelen

(805) 795-1629
Christian Gutierrez, Production

Christian Gutierrez

Measure Technician
(805) 501-7874
Cecilia Galella, Production

Cecilia Galella

(805) 915-1343
Keiko Moran, Production

Keiko Moran

Administrative Assistant
Jorge Contreras, Production

Jorge Contreras

Warehouse Manager
(805) 915-1309
John Solorzano, Production

John Solorzano

Regional Field Superintendent
(805) 915-1331
Oscar Colmenares, Production

Oscar Colmenares

Production Manager
(805) 915-1353
Valerie Wear, Purchasing

Valerie Wear

Stephanie Beam, Purchasing

Stephanie Beam

(805) 915-1362
Lisa Carrera, Purchasing

Lisa Carrera

Purchasing Manager
(805) 915-1335
Megan Benefield, Purchasing

Megan Benefield

(805) 915-1341
Jason Castell, Quality Assurance

Jason Castell

Senior Service/ Quality Control Manager
(805) 915-1379
Jay Africa, Quality Assurance

Jay Africa

Quality Control Coordinator
(805) 915-1355
Mason Cratch, Quality Assurance

Mason Cratch

Customer Experience Manager
(805) 501-5043
Danielle Giddings, Receptionist

Danielle Giddings

Lead Receptionist
(805) 915-1313
Dawn Sambrano, Receptionist

Dawn Sambrano

(805) 915-1360
Armen Hovakimyan, Sales

Armen Hovakimyan

Project Manager
(805) 915-1386
Awan Diles, Sales

Awan Diles

Project Manager
(805) 428-9350
Brad Hopper, Sales

Brad Hopper

Project Manager
(805) 915-1363
Brian Ohl, Sales

Brian Ohl

Project Manager
(805) 501-6825
Cybill Wolfstein, Sales

Cybill Wolfstein

Project Manager
(805) 915-1324
Gonzo Raymond, Sales

Gonzo Raymond

Project Manager
(805) 915-1364
Mike Wilson, Sales

Mike Wilson

Project Manager
(805) 915-1368
Angela Cortez, Scheduling

Angela Cortez

Schedule Coordinator
(805) 915-1317
Marilyn Lozano, Scheduling

Marilyn Lozano

Schedule Coordinator
(805) 915-1347
Tracy Brough, Window Coverings/Fleet

Tracy Brough

Window Coverings/Fleet Manager
(805) 915-1398

Orange County

Albert Ivara, Field

Albert Ivara

Installer Stucco
Andy Caballero, Field

Andy Caballero

Andy Velasquez, Field

Andy Velasquez

Danny Garcia, Field

Danny Garcia

Installer Stucco
Donny Gomez, Field

Donny Gomez

Eric Miller, Field

Eric Miller

Measure Tech
Francisco Baldonado, Field

Francisco Baldonado

Frank Roa, Field

Frank Roa

Crew Chief
Isidro Aldame, Field

Isidro Aldame

Israel Mondragan, Field

Israel Mondragan

Jesus Lara, Field

Jesus Lara

Installer Helper
Jim Dosh, Field

Jim Dosh

Joel Mondragan, Field

Joel Mondragan

Helper Installer
Joseph Zavala, Field

Joseph Zavala

Leonel Garcia, Field

Leonel Garcia

Marco Cruz, Field

Marco Cruz

Octavio Perez, Field

Octavio Perez

Pascual Ornelas, Field

Pascual Ornelas

Ralph Guzman, Field

Ralph Guzman

Raul Romero, Field

Raul Romero

Robert Nicolosi, Field

Robert Nicolosi

Ronnie Everfield, Field

Ronnie Everfield

Ryan Curry, Field

Ryan Curry

Sergio Caballero, Field

Sergio Caballero

Sergio Cobarruvias, Field

Sergio Cobarruvias

helper Installer
Thomas Partida, Field

Thomas Partida

Helper Installer
Victor Zendejas, Field

Victor Zendejas

Amir Mozaffarian, Management

Amir Mozaffarian

Project Manager
(714) 454-1108
Nora Castro, Office

Nora Castro

Office Manager
(714) 453-3903
Mary  Martinez, Office

Mary Martinez

(714) 453-3908
Sonia Ortiz, Office

Sonia Ortiz

OC Lead Assistant
(714) 453-3918
Angie Jackson, Office

Angie Jackson

Lead Coordinator
(714) 453-3906
Carlos Rivera, Production

Carlos Rivera

Warehouse Manager
(714) 453-3904
German Canales, Production

German Canales

Measure Technician
(714) 398-6923
Jesse Maldonado, Production

Jesse Maldonado

Crew Chief
(714) 931-6197
Jim Drainer, Production

Jim Drainer

Service Technician
(714) 425-8393
Manuel Lopez, Production

Manuel Lopez

Measure Technician
(714) 394-4929
Sergio Zaragoza, Production

Sergio Zaragoza

Production Manager
(714) 453-3901
Sandra Escajeda, Receptionist

Sandra Escajeda

AR Receptionist
Mike Jackson, Sales

Mike Jackson

Regional Sales Director
(714) 453-3902
Jack Mkrtchyan, Sales

Jack Mkrtchyan

Project Manager
(714) 720-9853
Jay Childress, Sales

Jay Childress

Project Manager
(714) 720-9850
Josh Smallwood, Sales

Josh Smallwood

Project Manager
(714) 454-6634
Matt Fisher, Sales

Matt Fisher

Project Manager
(714) 390-3031
Paul Floodman, Sales

Paul Floodman

Project Manager
(714) 720-9852
Peter Stein, Sales

Peter Stein

Project Manager
(714) 720-9849
Steve (Ski) Szalwinski, Sales

Steve (Ski) Szalwinski

Project Manager
(714) 390-9211
Dominick Bastionell, Service

Dominick Bastionell

Service Coordinator
(714) 453-3905
Benito Chavez, Warehouse

Benito Chavez

Assistant Warehouse Manager
Javier Lopez, Warehouse

Javier Lopez

Installer Warehouse

Santa Clara

Raymar Adams, Customer Care Center

Raymar Adams

Lead Coordinator
(408) 454-1352
Brandy Foreman, Office Manager

Brandy Foreman

Office Manager
(805) 454-1351
Lucero Acevedo, Production

Lucero Acevedo

Production Assistant
(408) 454-1373
Daniel Chavez, Production

Daniel Chavez

Crew Chief
(408) 230-2712
Doug Jarwin, Production

Doug Jarwin

Measure Technician
(408) 373-9346
Mike Foreman, Production

Mike Foreman

Field Supervisor
(408) 454-1354
Abraham Villegas, Sales

Abraham Villegas

Project Manager
(408) 674-6989
Juan Jacinto, Sales

Juan Jacinto

Project Manager
(408) 396-5317
Nathan Mackey, Sales

Nathan Mackey

Project Manager
(408) 332-6982
Jim Pope, Sales

Jim Pope

Regional Sales Director
(408) 454-1353
Carlos Gomez, Service

Carlos Gomez

Service Technician/ Service Coordinator
(408) 454-4919
Mike Diaz, Warehouse

Mike Diaz

(408) 454-1350

San Diego

Zackary Boland, Field

Zackary Boland

Field Supervisor
(858) 375-3629
Flor Gonzalez, Office

Flor Gonzalez

Office Manager
(858) 444-3202
Glenn Hardman, Sales

Glenn Hardman

Project Manager
(858) 837-9460
Aleksandr (Alex) Ignatenko, Sales

Aleksandr (Alex) Ignatenko

Sales Director
(858) 353-5991
Jim Wells, Sales

Jim Wells

Project Manager
(858) 226-7409


Vanessa Morris, Solar

Vanessa Morris

Solar Office Manager
(805) 915-1346
Erica DeSantiago, Solar

Erica DeSantiago

(805) 915-1312
Nathan Karn, Solar

Nathan Karn

Project Coordinator
(805) 915-1359


Arlene Arreola, Accounting

Arlene Arreola

Public Relations Manager
(480) 351-1003
Victoria Carrasco, Customer Care Center

Victoria Carrasco

Leads Coordinator
(480) 677-9097
Zachary Boland, Field

Zachary Boland

Field Supervisor
(858) 375-3629
Davin Taylor, Field

Davin Taylor

Field Tech
(480) 316-9106
Greg Aguirre, Field

Greg Aguirre

Installation Crew Chief
(480) 316-9771
Michael Hernandez, Field

Michael Hernandez

Installation Crew Chief
(408) 759-3808
Ricardo Vega, Field

Ricardo Vega

Field Supervisor
Eric Miller, Field

Eric Miller

Installation Crew Chief
Elias Arreola, Management

Elias Arreola

General Manager
(480) 351-1001
Britt Grubbs, Office Manager

Britt Grubbs

Director of Operations
(480) 351-1008
Alicia Saenz, Production

Alicia Saenz

Production Manager
(480) 351-1007
Even Halvorson, Purchasing

Even Halvorson

Purchasing Agent
(480) 351-1002
Rod Troyer, Sales

Rod Troyer

Project Manager
(480) 492-9882
Darrell Sutton, Sales

Darrell Sutton

Project Manager
(480) 334-1769
Jerry Wells, Sales

Jerry Wells

Project Manager
(480) 519-9808
Pat Cantolupo, Sales

Pat Cantolupo

Sales Person
(480) 849-0261
Dan Marmo, Sales

Dan Marmo

Project Manager
(480) 204-0799

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