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Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows not only reduce noise and energy use, they also increase your property value and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Vinyl windows are simple to clean, extremely durable and very, very low maintenance – you never have to paint, scrape or stain!

American Vision Windows only partners with vinyl window manufacturers who comply with our guidelines and customer service philosophy, and are as dedicated to improving America’s energy efficiency as we are

Key Benefits:

  • Low maintenance and durable: easy to clean, and you never have to paint, scrape or stain!
  • Reduces noise, energy use, air drafts
  • Free of lead and other toxic materials
  • Sleek lines and smooth trim make vinyl windows an attractive, affordable upgrade

Save BIG on new windows!

Why You Need Vinyl Windows

Homes built before the 1990s often have inefficient aluminum frames that sweat, cause drafts and allow a lot of noise to pass through. Vinyl replacement windows reduce the unwanted noise and air exchange with the outdoors, making your home quieter and more comfortable. The sleek lines and smooth finish increases your property value and curb appeal. At American Vision Windows, we install quality vinyl replacement windows of all sizes and types. We only partner with vinyl window manufacturers that build quality products and back them up with a warranty. We offer this guide about the benefits of replacing your old windows with vinyl ones so that you can make an informed decision about making updates to your home.

There are many benefits of replacing your old windows with vinyl replacement windows installed by our experienced associates at American Vision Windows. Compared to other window frame styles, vinyl is much lower in maintenance. You never have to sand, paint, varnish, seal or stain them. The vinyl maintains its smooth texture and color for as long as the windows are in your home. When the windows need to be cleaned, the vinyl frames make the process simple. On the inside, you can clean the windows with a simple vinegar solution or commercially prepared glass cleaning product. On the outside, a squeegee or garden hose with spray attachment removes dust and debris. The sleek lines and smooth trim of vinyl windows make them an attractive upgrade for your home. They look good on the inside and outside of your house and add to your home’s resale value.

Create a Comfortable and Safe Home With Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows offer a high level of energy efficiency. They decrease air exchange with the outdoors. Heat loss through windows is responsible for 25 to 30 percent of your home’s heating and cooling use. This lessens air drafts and decreases the workload on your home’s heating and cooling system. The available coatings for the glass reduce heat intrusion. Vinyl stays the same size no matter what the temperature is. The frames do not expand or contract, which keeps your home structurally sound. The solid seals and consistent size of the frames mean that you do not have to worry about moisture condensing on the windows inside of your home. Vinyl windows are also safe. They are free of lead or other toxic materials that might be hidden in or around old windows.

Vinyl Windows
What Replacement Windows Include
  • Quality customer service
  • Manufacturer’s warranty on glass and frame
  • Warranty on workmanship
  • Sturdy screens

^On the single-hung windows, the screen surrounds the part that opens. On the double-hung windows, the screen runs the entire length of the window. Bay, bow, garden, glass block and a few other styles of windows either have partial or no screens. This is because these windows do not open to the outdoors.

  • Quality of Vinyl Windows

    We only install the highest quality of vinyl windows. The quality factors that we look for in a window include factory-calibrated balances. This feature ensures that the window opens smoothly and stays level while it is open. We also look for windows with a fully welded sash. This ensures that the frame has moisture resistance and wind resistance. The final factor that we look for is a multi-chamber frame. The gasses between the panes of glass offer insulation against heat loss, heat gain and air movement.

  • Energy Efficiency of Vinyl Windows

    Vinyl windows are energy-efficient compared to decades-old windows with an aluminum frame. For you, this could mean lower heating and air conditioning costs. Improved energy efficiency also means better comfort in your home. Vinyl windows have fewer air drafts, so you can sit next to the window in the winter without getting a chill. There are five key properties that make vinyl windows energy-efficient. These properties are:

    • Multiple panes of glass: Two or more panes of glass trap air or a gas between them, creating a barrier to airflow.
    • Quality frame materials: The vinyl frame offers insulation and low maintenance.
    • Gas fills: Gas fills such as krypton and argon offer high levels of insulation and resistance to air permeation. They are non-toxic, colorless and odorless.
    • Low-e coating: The low-e coating reflects the sun’s infrared energy. This prevents your home from heating up so much during the summertime when they are exposed to direct sunlight. The low-e coating is especially helpful on south and west-facing windows.
    • Warm edge spacers: The warm edge spacers keep the panes of glass the proper distance apart. They are made of either non-metallic or metal and non-metallic hybrids. They also offer insulation between the glass and frame.
  • Styles of Vinyl Windows

    There are many styles of vinyl windows. If your home currently has single-hung windows, you do not have to select the same type when you replace them. Selecting a different style might make your view better or enhance your home’s curb appeal. Our sales associates can help you with selecting the ideal style of replacement windows for all of the spaces in your home. The available styles of vinyl windows include:

    • Single-hung: The single-hung window opens vertically. One of the sashes moves.
    • Double-hung: Double-hung windows also open vertically. Both of the sashes can move.
    • Casement: Casement windows are hinged at the sides. They open toward the outside when you turn a crank.
    • Rolling: Rolling windows open with a set of brass rollers. They are easy to open and close.
    • Picture: Picture windows are large in size and feature a solid pane of glass. They do not open.
    • Awning: Awning windows open at the top and are hinged outward. They are weatherproof, and you can open them during a light rain. They can be paired with another type of window.
    • Hopper: Hopper windows open on the bottom and in toward the room. They are often used in a bathroom.
    • Jalousie: Jalousie windows separate into many slats. The slats turn from a vertical orientation to a horizontal orientation when you turn the crank.
    • Glass block: Separate squares of glass blocks are assembled together to form the window. These are often used in a garage, bathroom or basement. An opening for a dryer vent can be installed in place of one of the squares of glass. These windows can be made to partially open, and they open like a hopper window.
    • Bay and bow: Bay and bow windows have three panes that extend out from the exterior wall of the home. The center pane is parallel to the home’s exterior, and the side panes are angled.
    • Garden: These dimensional windows have top, bottom, side, and front panes. They extend out from the exterior wall of the home and resemble a miniature greenhouse. They often have a built-in shelf for plants.
    • Egress: Egress windows are large enough for a person to crawl out of. They are often used in homes that have a living space that is partially underground.
    • Storm: Storm windows consist of an acrylic or plexiglass piece in a vinyl frame. This is installed over the glass window. The storm portion of the window can be removed for the summertime, leaving the screen and glass in place.
    • Special shapes: Specially shaped windows include portholes, arched and hexagonal windows used as focal points alongside of traditional window shapes.
  • Customizing Your Replacement Windows

    There are many ways that you can customize your home’s replacement windows. One way to customize windows is with the grid style. You could choose no grid, rectangular grids or diamond grids. You can also choose to have Energy Star glazing on the windows. This glazing reduces the amount of solar heat gain through the glass. In warm to hot environments, this could make a big difference on your summer air conditioning costs and the indoor comfort of your home. Another way to customize your replacement vinyl windows is with tinting. You might want a tint on a window that gets direct sunlight. Tints or frosts on bathroom windows that face windows on your neighbors’ homes may also be a good idea. Many people find that a tint on sun room and garage windows enhances their safety and comfort. Hardware finishes are also a way to customize your windows. We have different options for the lock and crank hardware so that you can coordinate them with your home’s decor. The interior and exterior sash colors can also be customized. White is the standard color, but we also offer gray, cream, shades of brown and other colors to suit your style. The sashes can also be custom-milled in width and shape.

  • Our Installation Services

    When you are ready to replace your old windows with vinyl units, we are prepared to help. We offer in-home consultations and provide you with pricing at that time. Our associates take the measurements and help you choose which style, color and other features you want in your replacement windows. We arrange a convenient time to perform the installation. During the installation process, our associates respect your time and your property. After your new windows are installed, we check in with you in order to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the windows and our services. There are many benefits to having our technicians at American Vision Windows replace your old windows with vinyl windows. From increased energy efficiency to lower maintenance needs and enhanced durability, vinyl windows make your life more comfortable and easier. By offering high-quality replacement windows, we help you create a more aesthetically appealing home on the inside and the outside of the structure. Our customer service and commitment to quality are what make us the right choice for your replacement window installation services. Contact us at American Vision Windows today to learn more about vinyl windows made by Anlin, Simonton and Milgard or to schedule an estimate with one of our technicians.

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