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French doors can be the perfect touch for any home. Though most French doors are a pair of doors that open inward or outward, the most basic definition of the French door is any door that, outside of the outer casing, is entirely glass. The origin of this door style is, as you might imagine, is France! In the 16th century, France returned from the Italian Wars and entered into a cultural Renaissance. Inspired by the Roman architecture in Italy, the French began to incorporate more geometry, light, and symmetry into their art and architecture.

French doors became extremely popular in 17th century France because of the great amount of light that they let into a room, increasing the function and beauty of the door and of the home itself. In the modern world, they can be a unique alternative to sliding doors. Especially classic and beautiful, French doors can add an interesting and regal look and feel to any home.

With its origins in the Renaissance, one of the primary reasons to choose French doors is for their beauty. The citizens of France created French doors to bring the same new, elegant elements of the art revolution into the very structure of their home. Another benefit of French doors is the openness and airflow that they create. Unlike most windows, a pair of French doors can be swung outward to create an open, welcome look for your patio or backyard. There’s nothing quite as idyllic as your own backyard complete with open French doors, a lush garden, and a few singing birds.

Are you concerned about privacy? Consider installing window coverings such as shutters, shades, or blinds to be able to control both light and visibility into your home.Ask about American Vision Windows’ French Doors today. We partner with several excellent French door manufacturers that create beautiful french doors in glass, wood, and more.

French doors are a great replacement for single-pane windows, old rickety doors, or jammed sliding glass doors. What better to way to let in more light, enjoy the breeze outside, and add the perfect touch of beauty than to install a French door? Say au revoir to those old windows or doors, and with the help of our experts—voilà! A new French door!

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