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About Us

“Revolutionizing the Home Improvement Industry One Customer at a Time, While Changing the Lives of our Employees for the Better.”

About Us
You Can Count on American Vision Windows to Finish The Job. And Finish It Right.

American Vision Windows has become the largest window sales and installation company in California and one of the largest in the nation. We believe that our success is due to our dedication to the principles we live by:

  • Our customers are the focus of our attention.

  • Providing timely, professional service is at the core of what we do.

  • People make a difference. American Vision Windows is built around a team of home improvement experts that take great pride in their work and the energy-saving advice they provide.

Our Windows Have A Story To Tell, Shouldn't Yours

We would like to take just a minute to share with you the beginnings of American Vision Windows. We are a family-owned and operated business that began with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the window installation industry. We began, just as you are now, as customers, seeking information about something we had heard little about, "vinyl windows.”

With a two-story house full of aluminum windows, we were constantly battling drastic temperature differences between upstairs and downstairs. Also, with a new baby in the house, we were tired of always feeling a draft near his crib. Seeking a solution, we began to learn about the benefits of dual-paned windows, like reduction in both noise and energy costs, and a more secure home. So, we embarked on a window buying adventure, just as you may be about to do.

Unfortunately, what should have been a pleasant and exciting experience turned out to be nothing short of a stressful disaster. After three months of contractors showing up late at our house, or not showing up at all, having many calls avoided, and being lied to about everything from when our windows were going to be installed, to what kind of windows we were actually getting, we had become disgruntled customers. The only positive outcome of our experience is that we did finally end up with new dual paned windows and eventually, the largest window sales and installation company in California and one of the largest in the nation. We are committed to not letting others experience what we had.

Due to the rising costs of energy, many people are turning to dual-paned energy-efficient windows to reduce their energy bills. If you have old wood, aluminum, or even vinyl windows and enjoy saving money and the feeling of a well-insulated home as much as we do, then you may be in the market for new vinyl windows and doors. If you choose to give us the opportunity to beautify your home and save you money on energy costs, I am certain that your buying experience will be a positive one, because we truly care about improving the quality of your home. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and we hope to have the opportunity to meet you and share more with you about a product and service we believe in, and one that will truly change the quality of your life.

About Us

Save BIG on new windows!

Meet the Team
Ventura County California Team
  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez
  • Cybill Wolfstein
    Cybill Wolfstein
    Corporate Sales Manager
  • Armen Hovakimyan
    Armen Hovakimyan
    Project Manager
  • Brad Hopper
    Brad Hopper
    Project Manager
  • Gonzo Raymond
    Gonzo Raymond
    Project Manager
  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson
    Project Manager
  • Gina Perin
    Gina Perin
    Project Manager
  • Tim Hess
    Tim Hess
    Project Manager
  • Jake Herren
    Jake Herren
    Project Manager
  • Don Adams
    Don Adams
    General Contractor
  • Amanda Rodriguez
    Amanda Rodriguez
    Project Manager
  • TJ Pitillo
    TJ Pitillo
    Project Manager
  • Geoff Parker
    Geoff Parker
    Project Manager
  • Camden Hauck
    Camden Hauck
    Project Manager
Orange County, California Team
  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson
    General Manager
  • Craig Giras
    Craig Giras
    Project Manager
  • Jack Mkrtchyan
    Jack Mkrtchyan
    Project Manager
  • Jay Childress
    Jay Childress
    Project Manager
  • Josh Smallwood
    Josh Smallwood
    Project Manager
  • Peter Stein
    Peter Stein
    Project Manager
  • Steve (Ski) Szalwinski
    Steve (Ski) Szalwinski
    Project Manager
  • Jesse Leal
    Jesse Leal
    Project Manager
  • Robert Perry
    Robert Perry
    Project Manager
  • David Emenhiser
    David Emenhiser
    Project Manager
  • Perry Forehand
    Perry "Bucky" Forehand
    Project Manager
  • Cody Rojas
    Cody Rojas
    Project Manager
San Diego, California Team
  • Zachary Boland
    Zachary Boland
    General Manager
  • Aleks Ignatenko
    Aleks Ignatenko
    Project Manager
  • Jim Wells
    Jim Wells
    Project Manager
  • Bettye Farar
    Bettye Farar
    Project Manager
  • Jonathan Camacho
    Jonathan Camacho
    Project Manager
  • Val Lapin
    Val Lapin
    Project Manager
San Jose California Team
  • Daniel Cusimano
    Daniel Cusimano
    General Manager
  • Dean Ito
    Dean Ito
    Project Manager
  • Jon Morales
    Jon Morales
    Project Manager
  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen
    Project Manager
  • Jose Morga
    Jose Morga
    Project Manager
Fresno, California Team
  • Matt Imfield
    Matt Imfield
    General Manager
  • Douglas Brown
    Douglas Brown
    Project Manager
  • Kristina Lopez
    Kristina Lopez
    Project Manager
Arizona Team
  • Kurt Hartjes
    Kurt Hartjes
    General Manager
  • Jared Landseadel
    Jared Landseadel
    Project Manager
  • Nick Forehand
    Nicholas Forehand
    Project Manager
  • Elias Arreola
    Elias Arreola
    Project Manager
  • Rod Troyer
    Rod Troyer
    Project Manager
  • Lori Erickson
    Lori Erickson
    Project Manager
  • Jerry Hanosh
    Jerry Hanosh
    Project Manager
  • Chad Fuller
    Chad Fuller
    Project Manager

Need help with your new windows or doors?

*Save up to ten percent of purchase price plus installation. Max saving not to exceed $2000. Must present coupon at time of estimate. On approved credit. APR in loan agreement is fixed for the life of the loan. Proof of income required. Promo period for 18 months with no payments required followed by 84 amortized payments based on the balance at the end of the promo period. Interest charge to account is waived if entire purchase balance is paid before the end of the promo period. No prepayment penalty. Minimum financing of $2,500. New customers only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Some restrictions apply. Call for details. Offer Expires 09/30/2023.
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