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  • Gonzo Raymond
  • Gonzo Raymond

    Gonzo has been part of the AVW family for 17 years. He is a self described “window nerd” and prides himself in knowing the obscure details.

    “It doesn’t make me very interesting at cocktail parties… “Wait, come back… We haven’t talked about low emissivity glass yet!”

    Gonzo is a proud military veteran… Spent 15 years in the entertainment industry… Is the father of 15-year-old twins and a 21-year-old in his senior year at college.
    AVW has my loyalty forever… There has never been a time when I didn’t feel loved and appreciated.

    I was walking through the office with my younger son recently going office to office dropping off paperwork… After coming out of one office my son asked me “dad, who’s the jerk?”… I said what? He said “every place has a jerk, who’s the jerk here?”
    I thought for a moment and said you know what? I like everybody here… There are some people here I love, love, love …. But not a single person I don’t like. We walked on a few more steps and I stopped and said… “Oh my God!… Maybe it’s me!…Maybe I’m the jerk!”

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