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The windows in your home provide light and a view of the world outside. Open the windows to let the fresh air in, or close them to keep the elements out. Whether it is staying warm and toasty inside your house on chilly days, or beating the blistering heat of summer with nice cold air conditioning, your windows in Los Angeles play a vital role in keeping the temperatures in your home comfortable–or not. It depends on the condition of the windows.

If your windows are older or damaged and need replacing, you can take advantage of the new technologies and materials used in window construction. With increased durability and cost-effectiveness, and the latest energy-efficient materials will improve your comfort and keep more of your heated or cooled air inside, saving you on your energy bills. Or perhaps you would like a new look and style to enhance curb appeal or fit your design sense.

Whether you need to replace functional windows or want to add style, American Vision Windows is the best window company in Los Angeles for all your window replacement needs.

Types of Window Damage

If your windows require some minor modifications like weatherstripping or hardware replacement, you can get away with simple repairs. But with older windows, damage can go undetected over time and compound the problems associated with the elements, age, and lack of maintenance.

  • Warped frames or sashes
  • Drafts and leaks
  • Mold and rotting wood from excess moisture
  • Windows stuck or won’t stay open
  • Energy loss and high bills

Los Angeles Windows

Window Replacement is Your Best Choice

If your windows are damaged or defective, it is likely time to replace them with durable, reliable replacement windows. But there are other reasons to replace your older windows besides damage.

  • The newer energy-efficient windows will save you money
  • A fresh window style or design will improve the look of your home
  • Your HVAC will run optimally without breaking a sweat

American Vision Windows has many options available for replacement windows in Los Angeles. We use the highest quality products from the most reliable manufacturers.

American Vision Windows - Fiberglass

Energy Efficiency

The technology for windows has been improved significantly. New materials for the construction of windows from glass to frame offer a range of affordable, efficient windows. Energy-efficient windows also raise the value of your home, because today’s buyers put a premium on saving energy.
When upgrading, there are many options available for replacement windows. For the highest efficiency, it is essential to consider the frames, sashes, glass, and style of the window.

  • Vinyl frames and sashes are used on both new construction and renovation alike, bring energy efficiency that is considerably more affordable than wood or metal.
  • Double and triple-paned glass in windows is the most effective glazing with less leakage. The space between the glass is filled with argon or other gas that is less conductive than air—providing more insulation.
  • Low-E coating Lowers heat transfer through windows and minimizes UV ray absorption.

Style and Design

For home remodeling and renovation, there is nothing like brand new windows for transforming the look of your home. The possibilities range from lower cost to higher-end windows for every style of home. You may choose to replace the windows in the same size and style as your current windows or make a change.
Add a garden window in your kitchen or beautiful arched bay window to add flair to your living room. There are lots of considerations when choosing windows. Our experts can help you select the very best options for your home.

Why Choose American Vision Windows?

Having energy-efficient and attractive windows add to the enjoyment of your home. Whatever your reasons for replacing your windows, it is vital to choose a company that has experience with a reputation for high-quality work and customer satisfaction.
American Vision Windows is the most reliable window professional for window installations in Los Angeles. Our installers are experienced and professional and deliver the best customer service in town.

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