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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Windows

1. It’s against safety standards to have your windows painted shut, because you won’t be able to get out as easily in an emergency.

2. Wooden windows are the oldest type of window, but are rarely used in the modern day because they easily swell or crack with heat and cold.

3. Argon gas, a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas used inside light bulbs, is sometimes used between windowpanes to make windows better insulated.

4. Argon gas can also prevent condensation inside windowpanes, because it reacts differently than oxygen.

5. Window grilles are bars, usually metal or vinyl, on the outside of your window. These can help prevent break-ins and also prevent anyone or anything from falling out of the window. They’re also used decoratively to enhance the appearance of your home.

6. Bay windows, the three-sided protruding windows in a home, were popularized in Victorian England.

7. Awning windows can be opened from the bottom outward, so that they look similar to an awning.

8. Picture or fixed windows don’t open, but instead offer the most unobstructed views.

9. A window’s “U-factor” is how much heat the window lets through the glass. An energy-efficient U-factor would be .25.

10. According to ENERGY STAR, replacing your single pane windows with energy-efficient windows can save you $126-465 on your energy bills per year.

11. Most homeowners choose vinyl when they replace their windows. Vinyl windows are easy to clean, are energy-efficient, and are especially durable.

12. Some windows, such as certain double hung windows, can tilt inward. This makes cleaning the outside of the window much easier, especially for second floor windows.

13. Older windows can have air leaks or poor insulation, and can account for 10-25% of your heating bill.

14. Some windows, such as Del Mar series windows, are specifically engineered to dramatically suppress sound from outside, making your home significantly quieter.

15. Low-emissivity coatings on windows increase energy efficiency, lower the transmission of heat from the outside into your home, and can also prevent furniture or carpet fading.

16. Have you ever cranked open a window? Chances are that it was a casement window, which have pivoting hinges on the outer edge.

17. Triple pane windows have three panes of glass, making them extremely energy efficient and also much more difficult to break.

18. Do you want privacy but still want to let in the light? Obscure glass or textured glass can do just that in areas like the front door or bathroom window.

19. Aluminum windows are often found on older homes. While inexpensive and low-maintenance, aluminum windows conduct heat easily and aren’t as energy efficient as other materials.

20. Aluminum windows are expected to last around 15-20 years before they need to be replaced, according to S. News and World Report.

21. Cracks or breakages aren’t the only sign that windows need to be replaced. If the seal is broken, they’re very difficult to open, they don’t open or close all the way, or are poorly insulated, then it’s time to replace.

22. Have you ever wondered how to get stained glass windows in various colors? To get green glass, you can use sand that’s high in iron.

23. Modern glassmakers can still use sand, but also use dolomite, limestone, and soda ash.

24. While ancient Egyptians were the first recorded civilization to use glasswork, Romans are the first we are aware of that made windows.

25. In a window, the technical term for the frame that holds the glass itself is “the sash.”

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