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Background Noise Virtually Eliminated with Replacement Windows

Today’s discussion will focus on reducing unwanted background noise without having to use earplugs. While some recent studies have shown that certain types of exterior noise can cause tremendous amounts of angst and stress, minimizing these irritations can be simply achieved by having replacement windows installed in your home. Noises generated from car alarms, emergency vehicle sirens, barking dogs, sanitation vehicles and even gardening equipment can cause us to go a little crazy every now and then. Blocking out these background stressors can lead to a good night’s sleep, but also some well deserved peace and quiet while we’re awake.

Different sounds travel in different ways, while their intensity levels are measured in watts and decibels. Sound waves, from low to high, have the ability to penetrate and leak through the vulnerable areas around your home. The idea behind our vinyl replacement windows is to seal off every susceptible crack and crevice while allowing the sounds to bounce off or absorb and fade quickly, rather than echoing and traveling into your house. Yes, there’s a great deal of science involved with sound waves and how to redirect them in an effective manner.

Our American Vision Window frames, panes and replacement windows are built and installed on the phase cancellation principle, meaning that passive noise can be muffled or completely drowned out by proper insulation. Our trained installation technicians will be able to field a variety of questions on the topic; aside from having the best quality replacement windows around, you’ll also be able to understand in greater detail about what we do to ensure customer satisfaction. We’ve all done our homework on how to provide solid framework that can dramatically reduce exterior noise, and we’re more than happy to share this information with you.

We currently have more than a handful of designs available to suit your needs. From casement to garden to double-hung windows, an even wider selection exists for those prefer having extended options. Custom orders are also available upon request.

With that being said, you may want to consult with one of home improvement experts, and the advice won’t even cost you a penny. After having our replacement windows installed, the only sounds you’ll be hearing will likely be emanating from the inside of your home; for example, there may be a discussion about finding the right window treatments.

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