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How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A New Window?


Are you planning for a window replacement in Fresno soon? Click here to find out how much you should expect to pay for a new window.

The current median home price in California is around $762,981. Most of us strive to become homeowners despite the rising housing costs nationwide.

The costs of homeownership don’t end once you get the keys, though. It’s important to understand certain maintenance expenses, such as how much you’ll pay for residential window replacement.

Are you considering window replacement in Fresno? Let’s break down the factors that contribute to the price.

Window Size

Window size is one of the main factors in window replacement costs. As you might expect, larger windows cost more to replace than smaller ones. After all, large windows require more materials.

You may run into additional costs if you need a custom size for your window replacement. Many manufacturers sell replacement windows in set sizes since they make such large quantities of them. Custom windows require additional time to create, making them more expensive.

Type of Window

Certain types of windows are easier to replace than others. Common window types include single/double hung, slider windows, and picture windows.

Garden windows, bay windows, and bow windows require reconstruction during installation. Reconstruction can dramatically increase your window replacement costs, especially if you need large windows in these categories. If money is tight, consider choosing a cheaper window style for your replacement.

As long as installation doesn’t need reconstruction, you can substantially reduce your costs. In most cases, you can simply choose a window identical to the one you replace to complete the project quickly at a reasonable price.

Window Color

In general, window replacement colors are only available in white. Some manufacturers offer custom color options for those who want a certain aesthetic.

Similar to custom window sizes, custom window colors are more expensive. Keep this in mind when moving forward so you can budget appropriately.

Installation Nuances

Depending on your home’s layout and the location of the existing window, it may be difficult for service providers to install new windows.

For instance, someone might own a home with very tall ceilings and need to replace a window that’s 20 feet above the floor. This requires extra equipment and takes more time, so the company you work with will charge more for the replacement.

There are also two different types of replacement window installation: pocket and full frame. Full frame installation requires replacing the entire window, the sill, and the trim work. Pocket installation is faster and cheaper because it requires only replacing the glass.

Although pocket installation costs less, it’s not always possible. For example, a storm could have damaged both the window and the frame. Replacing only the glass wouldn’t make sense if the frame was also damaged.


The majority of replacement window frames use wood or vinyl. When it comes to visual appeal and longevity, wood is the superior option. There are more color choices available, and it’s also ideal for historic homes.

Vinyl requires less maintenance, is easier to install, and is made from cheaper materials. If you’re looking to save money and need to replace a wood window, consider choosing vinyl for your replacement.

Fiberglass is an alternative that is less expensive than wood but more expensive than vinyl. Between these three options, you should have no trouble finding the right choice. Be sure to find the right professional so you can avoid issues you may have otherwise dealt with.

Warranty Costs

Replacement windows often include a warranty. However, some service providers offer customers the option to purchase additional warranty coverage.

Those looking to save as much money as possible often forego this opportunity. In the event that an accident occurs, you’ll need to pay for repair or replacement out-of-pocket. It’s always recommended to purchase a warranty if the service provider doesn’t include one by default.

Glass Type

Double-pane windows are notably more expensive than single-pane windows. Triple-pane windows are the most expensive but offer the highest level of insulation. Plus, they are highly energy-efficient.

The type of insulating glass used in the window can also impact cost. It should come as no surprise that specialty glass is more expensive than standard glass. The more energy-efficient a replacement window is, the more expensive it will be.

Energy-efficient glass uses krypton and argon to keep your home insulated. Better insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature year-round.

Although you may save money installing cheaper replacement windows, you can end up paying more in utility costs as time goes on. Consider this before making your decision.

How Much Is Window Replacement in Fresno?

There’s no universal answer to this question. The cost of your Fresno windows will depend on your needs.

Someone who needs to install a small window with a vinyl frame will experience reasonable costs. In comparison, someone who needs a large window replacement in an inconvenient area of their home will pay more for installation.

The good news is that you have plenty of flexibility when choosing replacement windows. You don’t always have to choose the same style or material as the previous window.

Working with a reputable professional specializing in Fresno doors and windows replacement can help you assess your situation and choose the best option for your needs.

How We Can Help

American Vision Windows has proudly served customers in California for over 20 years. We’ve replaced nearly 1 million windows and strive to handle each project carefully. We guide our clients through each step of the process until installation is complete and their goals are met.

Take Your Windows to the Next Level

When looking for window replacement in Fresno, consider upgrading your windows. Upgrading your windows can help improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and make it a more enjoyable place to live. It can also increase your home’s value and make it easier to sell.

Ready to get started? Get a free quote from American Vision Windows today. Our professional team can guide you through the process and ensure you get the best results.

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