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Benefits of Installing New Windows in San Jose

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When was the last time you considered upgrading or replacing your home’s old windows? Some people don’t even think about them because why fix what’s not broken? Others don’t consider the upgrade worth the cost.

However, installing new windows may be a necessity for your home. The original ones may have leaks in them or other defects that need addressing.

Here’s why you should invest in window replacement and the various benefits that come with them.

Improve Energy Efficiency

One of the first reasons to buy new windows is to improve energy efficiency. Even though homeowners love natural light, it also means that your home will get extra heat during the summer months. All that sunlight is filtering through your windows and making your furnishing and air that much warmer.

In the winter, the opposite happens. All the heat from inside your house escapes through the glass panes.

You’ll inevitably need to run your air conditioner and furnace more often to compensate.

Energy-efficient windows allow you to get the best of both worlds. They allow all the benefits of normal windows while lowering how much heat transfer happens between the inside of your home and the outside world.

Enhance Home Security

Another benefit of new windows is that you can buy extra-strong ones that improve your home’s security and safety. First-floor windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home due to how easy they are to access. In addition, accidents can lead to dangerous glass shards spread all over your floor.

Shatterproof glass resists impacts and won’t break as easily. You can add a protective film to your existing windows or go for a stronger replacement. Either way, it’s worth the cost to sleep better at night.

Limit UV Radiation Exposure

As long as there is sunlight, both your body and home furnishings are constantly exposed to

UV radiation. Most normal windows don’t have any kind of protection against them. Anything sitting in front of a beam of light is at risk.

Many new windows and window films help to limit how much harmful radiation makes it inside. That means your furniture and walls won’t fade as quickly.

Noise Reduction

One unknown benefit of upgrading your windows is how they can reduce excess noise from outside. You get used to the things you hear from outside, so you may not notice just how loud things can get. Things will change once you invest in some high-quality windows.

The same materials in newer windows that reduce heat transfer also limit sound transfer. Multiple panes combined with layers of argon gas help to make your home a lot quieter as well as reduce how much your neighbors will hear. Feel free to blast music as loud as you want.

Another reason why your older windows may let in more noise is that there are unseen gaps in the frame. It’s common for things like moisture and changes in temperature to warp your window frame. Upgrading the windows also means replacing the frame.

More Curb Appeal

Replacement windows come in a wide variety of styles. This is especially important if you want something that looks like an improvement over your old ones.

You can find double-hung windows that slide up and down or larger bay windows that act as a statement piece. There are even European-style windows that tilt and turn for multiple configurations.

Regardless of what you choose, they’re sure to increase your home’s appearance and boost curb appeal.


What exactly makes a modern window low-maintenance?

First, you get convenient features such as between-the-glass blinds that won’t get dusty. You can operate these with exterior controls without needing to ever touch them.

Another way to improve your window’s lifespan is by buying tougher glass. Scratch-resistant glass maintains its appearance for longer, which helps in a household with animals or children.

You can also get lower-maintenance windows by changing the type you own. Louver windows work like blinds and can let in light and air while keeping out the rain. However, they can be difficult and time-consuming to clean.

Easier to Use

You may notice that older windows have become more difficult to operate over the years. Gunk and dirt get between the hinges. The frames get warped by moisture and temperature changes.

Even something like exterior and interior paint can negatively affect your windows. You can eliminate some of those issues by purchasing new, clean windows.

In addition, many modern windows come with special features and designs. You might find that a different type of opening mechanism works better for your lifestyle than another.

Increase Home Value

Another reason to buy new residential windows is that they can increase your home’s value. Generally speaking, any improvement to your home will raise its value by some amount. However, opting for replacement windows will get you the most profit out of the investment.

First of all, windows are one of the first things people will notice when they’re browsing for homes. New and modern ones will be the most striking and increase the perceived value of the house.

Second, modern windows often come with special features that you won’t find in older ones. That includes all the aforementioned benefits, such as UV protection, low-maintenance coatings, and ease of use.

Finally, they show that you’ve put time and effort into the home. It likely wasn’t neglected in the time you lived there.

Install New Windows Today

It might be time to buy new windows if you’ve never updated the ones your home came with. You may be missing out on premium features such as UV protection, heat insulation, and noise reduction. It’s also sure to be an investment that you’ll see a return on in the future.

American Vision Windows is the place to go for window replacement in California. Our services cover windows, baths, coatings, and more. Contact us for a free design consultation if you have any questions.

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