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Benefits of Triple-Pane Windows

You wouldn’t open the window and toss your money out into the street, right? Well, in a metaphorical sense, that’s exactly what you are doing if your home still has its original single-pane or low-efficiency double-pane windows. While a great view of the world outside is priceless, the energy lost through the glass does have a price, and you pay it in the form of your monthly heating or cooling bills. If you’re in the market for replacement windows, and you’d like to cut down on your utility costs, it’s time to give triple-pane windows a look, as these have the highest energy efficiency.

What’s the Difference?

Old-fashioned single-pane windows are just that: a single pane of glass. Double-pane windows, then, are two panes of glass with a thin space between them that is often filled with argon or krypton gas. The gas adds to the window’s energy efficiency. So it follows that a triple-pane window, which has TWO gas-filled chambers sandwiched between glass, would be even more energy efficient. It’s the same idea as layering your clothing on a cold day; you’ll shiver in just a t-shirt, feel a little better if you add a sweater and be comfortable if you put on a coat.

Highest Energy Efficiency

Triple-pane replacement windows make life more comfortable. Their high energy efficiency means that they keep the heat in on cold winter days, and they keep the heat out during those scorching summer heatwaves. In fact, triple-pane windows are typically around 50% better at insulating your home than single-pane glass, and up to 25% more efficient than double-pane windows. That translates into significant savings on your heating and cooling costs. It also means you’ll be more comfortable throughout your home, no more sweating as the blazing sun hits you while you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, and no more shivering from cold glass transmitting equally cold air into your bedroom at night.

No More Condensation

Have you ever found moisture on the inside of your windows on a cold day? That’s because the difference between the indoor and outdoor air temperatures caused water vapor to sweat onto the glass, creating the potential for mold or damage to drywall and windowsills. But replace your windows with efficient triple-pane glass, with its excellent resistance to temperature transfer, and that sweaty glass is a thing of the past.

The Safety Factor

Another benefit of triple-pane replacement windows is increased home safety. After all, it’s a lot harder to break through three layers of glass than just one, meaning that your new windows are sturdier in case of an attempted break-in, a rock or other projectile striking the window, or an earthquake.

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