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Care and Maintenance Tips to Help Your Windows Last Longer

Window maintenance involves a few simple procedures in order to help lengthen the life of each and every window in your home. While some of these steps may be obvious to the naked eye, others may go inadvertently unnoticed. It’s also important to point out that the weather has a lot to do with the shelf-life of each window’s framework; fluctuating temperatures combined with the wind and the rain and can wreak havoc on the woodwork if not treated properly, as well as neglecting to keep each structure free from debris.  In other words, paying attention will always be the common denominator when it comes to taking care of your windows and frames. By following a few virtually effortless measures, years can be added to the longevity of your exterior setup.

Whether cleaning and/or maintaining Casement, Double Hung or Garden Windows, I recommend using the Sprayway Glass Cleaner brand and a clean cloth with every application. Using a clean cloth is important for two reasons; little or no streaking and the fact that a dirty cloth can scratch the glass.

Keeping the sliding glass door tracks clean on both sides can be done in a few minutes. The same damp and clean cloth principle applies, yet doing it in one fluid motion should produce the best results. By doing so, the window frame will continue to slide back and forth easily, which will also help to keep the runners in good shape.

For vinyl window frames (both inside and out), we’ve found that using nonabrasive dish soap works very well. Pouring two tablespoons of your favorite dish liquid onto a clean cloth and mixing it with a little water will provide a suitable consistency. After rubbing the cloth into a light lather, apply it to each targeted surface and wipe the dirt away.

Weep holes, also known as corner crevices, can be cleaned with forced air, yet a soft-bristled toothbrush will also do the trick. The main idea here is to reduce the amount of friction applied to each respective surface.

After being in this business for nearly two decades, I’ve seen what nasty weather can do to the exteriors of many homes. No matter the type of wood you have encompassing your window frames; harsh weather can turn out to be public enemy number one. Even if your wood is heavily treated, it’s a good idea to periodically check for signs of wood rot caused by water damage. Normal wear-and-tear can cause this to happen over time as well, yet even the smallest opening can contribute to an even bigger problem. Sometimes adding a simple coat of paint can help, as well as using a reputable brand of wood sealant.

All of these helpful tips are recommended as preventive maintenance measures to keep you from having to spend money on additional repairs and/or replacements. A little elbow grease can go a long way, which is all in the name of protecting your investment.

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