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How to Choose Replacement Windows

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Wondering How to Choose Replacement Home Windows?

If you’ve been considering replacement Home windows for a while now, you’ve probably realized the variety of options. New windows are a big investment, and with all the options out there, it could make for a difficult process.

Best Home Window Replacement Companies

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering how to choose replacement windows.

What to Look for When Buying Replacement Windows

Here’s the thing about replacement windows, they’re all mostly good. It just depends what your goals are, and who actually sizes them up and installs them.

So what are your goals?

If your goal is to beautify your home and add curb-appeal, finding the best rated window for energy efficiency may not do you too much good.

If your goal is to find a high-quality set of custom windows that don’t leak air like your last set of windows from the mid 60’s, then searching for best replacement window brands may send you down a rabbit hole of pretty pictures, without actually telling you that the real solution to your problem isn’t the quality of the window, but the quality of the installation.

Sounds even more overwhelming than when you started reading this article, right? No worries, this is why we put together this guide to choosing the best replacement windows for your needs.

It All Starts With Local Replacement Window Reviews

If you’re living in San Diego, then you’ll want to first do your research to find the most capable window installation company. You can start with a quick search for replacement window reviews in San Diego. You’ll find a lot of customer testimonials on Yelp and Google as well as other home improvement sites. Once you’ve made your decision on who the best local window installer in your area is, it’s time to see some windows!

We’re not bragging or anything, but American Vision Windows has the largest window showroom in San Diego, California and we are big believers in the old adage “seeing is believing”.

In fact:

There’s not a lot of other window contractors out there who even have a showroom, let alone the biggest one. Reviews go a long way in proving a window company’s ability to properly install windows, but when it comes to the windows themselves, most people prefer to see them in person.

Being able to see what your windows will look like in person within the context of a showroom kitchen or home setting makes a world of difference that a Google image or Pinterest search just can’t compare with.

Best Modern Home Windows Providing Stunning Views

Replacement Window Styles

There are a lot of window styles – you can even mix and match to really make your windows your own!
Some of the most popular replacement windows are:

  • Double Hung: these windows slide up and down and are very common in historic homes.
  • Sliding Windows: these windows operate in the same way as double hung windows but they slide horizontally.
  • Bay Windows: bay windows are large, often 3-panel windows that bulge out of the exterior wall of your home for a classic look that makes a statement.
  • Garden Windows: this is a common window used above your kitchen sink to place potted plants.

Floor to Ceiling Bedroom Windows

What About Energy Efficient Windows?

In the San Diego heat, energy efficient windows are in high demand. Certain parts of San Diego County have colder winters as well, meaning windows that regulate temperatures in all four seasons are important. Choosing a high-quality dual pane window from a top quality window manufacturer is key.

Best Rated Window Replacement Types

When it comes to the best window materials, it again depends on your goals.
Here’s a quick list of the top 3 replacement window materials and their primary benefits:

  • Vinyl Windows: vinyl windows are energy efficient and they come in a wide array of styles. Vinyl windows are also a more budget-friendly option than other materials and they last quite a long time!
  • Fiberglass Windows: fiberglass windows are a little higher on the window replacement cost list, but they offer greater strength and durability.
  • Wood Windows: Wood windows offer a classic, high-quality hand-crafted look to your home, but they may be susceptible to the elements.

Sliding Glass Door Repair Home Windows

Proper Window Installation

Once you’ve decided on styles, brands, and window materials, it’s time for the installation. Most windows will require custom sizings for the best fit for your home. Our team at American Vision Windows will measure your home and offer excellent fitting windows. Then, when it comes to the installation, our team of expert window contractors will get the job done right.

Revolutionize your home improvement experience!

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