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A View of Outer Space from Your Window

From the earliest history of mankind, people have been fascinated with outer space. The wonder of the stars and planets became an area where man wondered what it would be like to visit. This curiosity led to the beginning of space exploration in the mid-20th Century. The race to space between the United States and Soviet Union became a matter of nationalistic pride with the two countries, with each claiming successes.

With the first forays into outer space, man suddenly came closer to planets and stars than ever before. In fact, instead of depending on telescopes to view the bodies in outer space, people got an up close view. From humble beginnings of orbiting the Earth to walking on the Moon, man has been wondering what it was like in space. These travels along with missions on the International Space Station and unmanned missions to other parts of the solar system have provided information on the stars and other planets.

Man has continued to learn more about outer space with observation. Outer space continues to remain a mystery to many people, but with the advances in technology, the solar system is as close as ever. Outer space observation is a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. And, to help learn about space we have provided a number of web pages that can assist in gaining a better understand. We hope you enjoy learning more about the Earth, the planets, the stars and the rest of our solar system.

Solar System

  • Overview of the Solar System – An article that contains information on what comprises our solar system.

  • Windows to the Universe – Informative page which looks at the universe and provides helpful data.

  • NASA for Kids – Educational web page for kids that looks at our solar system.

  • Solar System Information – Useful collection of information, games and more to teach kids about the solar system.


  • Stars and the Constellations – In this informative page from the University of Wisconsin Observatory you will learn about the stars.

  • The Story of Stars – Helpful page from the University of Illinois which discusses the stars in the sky.

  • Facts About the Stars – Useful web page that provides facts and information about stars.

  • Ask an Astronomer – This web page for kids provides answers to typical questions about astronomy.

  • Stars for Kids – An educational page for kids that talks about stars, star death and other topics.

Earth and the Planets

  • Earth Information – Page which provides information on the composition and atmosphere of the Earth.

  • Earth Facts – A useful page which lists several interesting facts about the Earth.

  • Earth – This page from NASA gives an interesting overview of the Earth.

  • Planets for Kids – In this useful page aimed at kids you will find general information about the various planets.

  • Exploring the Planets – Informative page from the Smithsonian which looks at the planets and other bodies found in outer space.

Space Exploration

  • Exploration of Space – Helpful page which provides a look at the world of space and how it is explored.

  • Exploring Space – Web page which serves as an information source on the past, present and future of space exploration.

  • Exploring Space for Kids – A kid-friendly page with information on how they can begin to explore space.

  • Kids Information – Useful page for kids with key dates in the history of space exploration.

Space Observation

  • Hubble Site – Official website focused on the work on space observation of the Hubble Telescope.

  • Herschel Space Observatory – Information on the work in observing space of the Cal Tech Observatory.

  • Space for Kids – Introduction of space observation for kids with facts, games and other activities.

  • Astronomy – Resources and information about the field of astronomy and space.

  • Astronomy for Kids – Informative page with fun games, activities and projects for kids to learn about astronomy.

Outer Space Resources

  • Space Resources Library – Collection of web pages and articles that provides information on an array of space related topics.

  • Space for Educators – Useful page that provides resources that can be used by educators for students.

  • Outer Space Resources – Primary resources to learn about outer space and the solar system.

  • Solar System Resources – This page from the Lunar and Planetary Institute contains a number of useful resource pages about our solar system.

  • Activities and Resources – Helpful page from the McDonald Observatory with kid-friendly activities and games about outer space.

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