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The Benefits of Installing New Windows in Simi Valley

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Your outdated windows could account for as much as 30% of the residential heating and cooling energy use within your home. With new windows, you can reduce energy loss while making your home more comfortable.

Improving your home’s energy efficiency with better windows can save you money on monthly expenses, too.

On the fence? Read on to discover the benefits of installing new, energy-efficient windows throughout your Simi Valley home today!

Energy Efficiency

The average cost of energy in US households is about

$117 a month. About half is dedicated to heating and cooling expenses.

Compare your energy bills from last month to the same time the previous year. If your energy expenses have increased year-over-year, call a window replacement company. It’s likely air is slipping in and out of your home.

During cold winter months, hot air could seep out as cold air seeps in. During the summer, the opposite can occur if your windows aren’t properly sealed. With help from the best window company, you can keep your home at your ideal temperature.

Otherwise, your energy expenses will continue to rise as your HVAC works twice as hard to maintain the temperature you set.

Hiring the best window company in Simi Valley will help you minimize air loss through your windows. Your overall energy efficiency will improve, allowing you to minimize unnecessary expenses. You can put a little more money back into your pocket to save for a rainy day!

Talk to your window replacement company about ENERGY STAR-certified windows. Replacing your old windows can lower household energy bills by 12%. At the same time, you’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Improved Home Comfort

If cool air escapes your home during the summer months as hot air slips in, you and your family might sweat through the summer. You might find yourself shivering through cold winter months, too. Preventing drafts from coming through your windows can ensure your family’s comfort.

New, properly installed windows have a better seal. You won’t continue noticing a draft.

Newer windows also have double or triple plans of glass with a thin layer of argon gas between panes. These windows will reduce the transfer of heat through your windows. They can even block some of the sun’s rays to reduce the greenhouse effect when sunlight shines through.

With replacement windows, you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Otherwise, your family members and guests might feel uncomfortable.

Hire the best window company in town to ensure your new windows are properly installed. Otherwise, you’ll continue experiencing heating and cooling loss.

Enhanced Security

Newer windows can benefit your family’s safety and security.

Newer windows are often made with laminated or tempered glass. These options are less likely to shatter into jagged, sharp shards if the glass breaks. You’ll minimize the likelihood of someone getting injured if there’s an accident.

Newer windows also have safety features old options lack, securing your home from potential break-ins.

Reduced Allergens

If outdoor air is seeping into your home, allergens like pollen and dust are as well. Switching to new windows can keep allergens from filling the air within your home.

Newer options also include options for blinds and shades that are incorporated inside the windows. Dust won’t accumulate on the shades, giving dust fewer places to hide.

Noise Reduction

If air can slip into your home, noises from outside can as well. Double and triple panes and layers of argon gas can dampen sounds.

You’ll notice the difference the moment your new windows are installed. You’ll no longer hear neighbors, traffic, or construction noises from outside. Instead, you can enjoy the peace of quiet of being in your own home.

Curb Appeal

Newer windows can impress guests and potential buyers by improving your curb appeal. You can choose from a variety of finishes and colors to enhance the overall look of your home.

You can choose between many different options to find replacement windows that suit your home’s aesthetic. For example, aluminum, composite, fiberglass, and wood options can help you make a striking first impression on guests!

Increased Home Value

The smallest home improvement projects can significantly impact your home’s resale value. Consider switching to energy-efficient windows before putting your home on the market. You could have an easier time attracting buyers with your new windows.

If you haven’t replaced your windows in a few years (or decades), you could scare potential buyers away. After all, buyers know updated windows can lower their energy expenses.

Remember, improving your home’s curb appeal can help you attract buyers as well. Otherwise, someone might take a glance at your home, see your shabby windows, and turn away.

Don’t scare off potential buyers. Instead, boost your home’s value (and return on investment) by upgrading.

Invest in New Windows for Your Simi Valley Home Today

You don’t have to continue watching your energy bills rise. Instead talk to American Vision Windows, the best window company in Simi Valley. With new windows, you can ensure energy efficiency, noise reduction, improved curb appeal, and more.

Experience these benefits of replacement windows firsthand today!

Eager to start living in comfort? We’re here to help.

Call American Vision Windows today to get started on your free quote.

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