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The Sun and Solar Power Energy

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The sun is one of the most important elements in our daily life. The sun provides us with natural light, warmth and also is a needed ingredient for plant life. The sun, which is the largest object in our solar system, is the greatest source of natural energy that is available to man. Over the past century, man has learned ways to harness that power and use it on Earth.

In recent times inventors have come up with several innovative ways to use the power of the sun. People have begun harnessing solar power to heat their homes, cool houses, power automobiles, use as a home and business energy source and many other uses. One of the main benefits of utilizing solar power in our daily life is the abundance of available power from the sun. Additionally, by increasing the usage of solar power will have a positive impact on the environment. By using the energy of the sun we will become less dependent on other forms of energy which have been depleted over time.

To learn more about solar energy and using the power of the sun, we have put together the following resources. We hope you take a moment and look at this information and share it with others who are interesting in using safe and energy-efficient forms of power. Feel free to bookmark this page and visit it often.

  • Sun Facts – This web page contains information and facts about the largest object in the solar system.

  • Facts About the Sun – Vital statistics and information about the sun are presented in this web page.

  • Composition of the Sun – Web page which provides the breakdown on the elements that comprises the sun.

  • Solar Power – This informative government page provides the public with a wide range of information about solar power and renewable energy.

  • Solar Power Facts – In this article from which provides information which counters seven common myths.

  • Solar Power Facts for Kids – A kid-friendly article which lists several interesting facts aimed at kids.

  • The Sun’s Energy – Useful page which discusses how the sun’s energy can be harnessed and used.

  • The Sun & Its Energy – Overview on the sun and the energy which is derived from it.

  • Solar Power Information – Information from National Geographic providing information and facts on solar powered energy.

  • How to Use Solar Power in the Home – Useful article which discusses different types of solar power and how it can be used in the home.

  • Indiana Solar Energy – This article from the State of Indiana lists the practical application of solar energy in the household.

  • How Solar Energy Works – Article from the Union of Concerned Scientists which provides a description of how solar energy works.

  • How Solar Cells Work – Helpful article which explains how solar cells function and how they are converted to energy.

  • The White House and Energy – Informative page from the White House which covers various topics on energy, climate change and the environment.

  • Advantages of Solar Energy – Basic information and listing of various advantages of solar power in the home.

  • Advantages of Solar Power and Energy – Information on the various advantages and also the disadvantages of solar energy.

  • Alternative Energy – Article with information on the advantages, disadvantages and facts about solar power and solar energy.

  • Renewable and Alternative Energy – Helpful information on solar energy along with other types of alternative energy.

  • Solar Resource Information – This web page from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory contains resources and information on solar energy.

  • Renewable Energy Resources – Web page with a collection of resources and information on renewable energy.

  • Solar Power Resources – Collection of resources covering a wide variety of topics on solar power.

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