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Triple Pane Windows Make a Significant Difference

I can’t say enough about the many benefits of having triple pane windows installed in your home. When compared to traditional single pane aluminum frame windows, the triple panes pass the test with flying colors. Not only do these windows go above and beyond energy efficient standards, they also provide extra-added durability in terms of safety and security. You can’t go wrong with these windows; they’re well worth the investment, as you’ll be able to see and feel the difference immediately.

Stabilizing the temperature inside our homes can sometimes present a challenge. Triple pane windows are designed to keep the heat outside during the summer and seal it in during the winter. After having them installed, it’s a good idea to use your previous gas and electricity bills for comparison. Many of my customers have been able to cut their utility costs in half and they’ve been able to do it in as little as three months! Imagine saving hundreds of dollars on your heating and cooling costs every year. Over time, the savings can really add up. Our American Vision triple pane windows have also been battled tested against the elements, and here’s what we found:

Sun damage; I remember the days of single pane windows and how the sun’s rays would penetrate through our living room window. Kathleen and I noticed that the carpet started losing its color in the sun exposed areas, and then our furniture began take a beating as well. After having the triple panes installed, we could leave the blinds open all day long without a second thought; problem solved!

In terms of staving off harsh weather conditions, these windows will stay watertight, even in the heaviest of downpours. Also being able to sustain winds of up to 80 MPH, American Vision triple panes surpass industry standards (40MPH) while simultaneously outshining the competition. The thickness of the glass speaks for itself while the sturdiest of materials are used to secure each frame. You’ll also notice a significant reduction in street noise, which is proof positive that these windows are a great fit for any home.

We also use security measures to prevent intruders from opening these windows by installing interior cam locks and continuous interlocks, which only adds to the peace-of-mind factor while you’re away from your home.

So I guess it’s pretty simple. Saving a bundle and being energy efficient at the same time makes good sense, and feeling secure is an extra added bonus offered by our staff at American Vision Windows.

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