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Boosting Curb Appeal to Refresh Your Home

Could your home use a facelift? Are you concerned about the appearance of your property and the statement it makes about your home interior? Even if you’ve recently remodeling your home kitchen or bathroom, if the exterior isn’t putting your best foot forward, it could cost you in curb appeal. So how do you get

What Type of Window Are You?

While all of our windows are beautiful and durable, some may be a better fit for you and your home than others. Here at American Vision Windows, we offer a wide variety of windows and doors to fit every need—and every personality. All of our replacement windows and doors are excellent quality, and we offer the latest

Replacing Your Windows Increases Home Value

Replacing Your Windows Increases Home Value Have you been saving up for a remodel for a while? Or maybe you just got a decent tax return, and want to make a good investment with it? There are all kinds of projects to tackle, from redoing the cracking bathroom tile to finally replacing that stained sink.

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Windows

1. It’s against safety standards to have your windows painted shut, because you won’t be able to get out as easily in an emergency. 2. Wooden windows are the oldest type of window, but are rarely used in the modern day because they easily swell or crack with heat and cold. 3. Argon gas, a

Choosing Windows for Your Home

Whether you’re adding new rooms to an existing home, or just remodeling what you already have, windows play a significant role not only in your project’s budget, but also in your home’s beauty, energy efficiency and security. Choosing the right windows can be confusing, however, so it helps to be familiar with some common terms.

Benefits of Triple-Pane Windows

Benefits of Triple-Pane Windows You wouldn’t open the window and toss your money out into the street, right? Well, in a metaphorical sense, that’s exactly what you are doing if your home still has its original single-pane or low-efficiency double-pane windows. While a great view of the world outside is priceless, the energy lost through

Triple Pane Windows Make a Significant Difference

I can’t say enough about the many benefits of having triple pane windows installed in your home. When compared to traditional single pane aluminum frame windows, the triple panes pass the test with flying colors. Not only do these windows go above and beyond energy efficient standards, they also provide extra-added durability in terms of

Windows, Doors and Household Security

Windows, Doors, and Household Security Burglary is defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as “the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft.” According to the most recent statistics, 22.3 percent of all property crimes are due to burglary, making it second only to larceny-theft. When burglars target a home, two

Windows, Doors, and Home Burglary Prevention

Windows, Doors, and Home Burglary Prevention Written by: Bill Herren Burglary is the unauthorized entry of a residence or the attempted unauthorized entry thereof. It is the most common threat that a home faces from criminals. The Federal Bureau of Investigation says that a break-in happens almost four times every minute. According to a study